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Unique Family Excursions in Turkey

If you're considering renting a holiday home in Turkey for your upcoming family vacation, you'll find no shortage of entertainment options.

Here's a list detailing a few highlights, to give you some idea of how you might be spending your time in this unforgettably beautiful section of the globe. 

Kids of all ages will be entranced by the Faruk Yalcin Zoo, a premier zoological habitat that features a multitude of plant life as well. While the venue can be fully explored within three or four hours, it's best to get an early start, when the majority of the animals are at their most active. Don't be deceived by your initial impression, as the place is bigger than it looks from the outside. 

To get a true feel for the diversity of the visually stunning landscape, consider taking a Jeep safari. Tours depart from a number of different locations, among them Olympos, Cappadocia, Marmaris, and the Black Sea. This provides visitors with a chance to see the real Turkey, without being chained to the usual tourist haunts. Along the way, you'll get a chance to sample some fine regional cuisine before climbing back aboard the rugged vehicle for the journey home. 

If everyone is up for a little pulse-pounding adventure, consider seeking out the Vialand Theme Park in Eyup, on Istanbul's famed Golden Horn. The park is divided into three subsections: Games World, Legends World, and Adventure World, so there's sure to be something for everyone. With more than 50 attractions to choose from, you'll want to spend the entire day exploring. In addition to the themed attractions, Vialand also features a shopping district with about 250 stores and boutiques. 

As long as you're in Istanbul, carve out some time to pay a visit to the amazing Istanbul Aquarium. This world-class marine facility is home to approximately 1500 species, all representing the exoticism and diversity of the deep blue sea. Stimulate your senses with a 5-D movie presentation in one of the venue's two theaters, and don't miss the on-site restaurant with its canal view on one side and ocean scenery on the other. 

If your family can't get enough of the aquatic theme, pay a visit to the Kaptan June Sea Turtle Conservation Foundation in Dalyan. Kids will get the opportunity to interact with these gentle giants of the sea in a safe and nurturing environment, and the experience is sure to be educational for everyone. In addition to learning more about the efforts to preserve the turtles' well-being, you'll have the opportunity to contribute directly to the cause. 

Once you've spent some time in this lovely Mediterranean country, you'll never want to leave. That's all the more reason why you should make the most out of your time here, so that you'll have plenty of memories to sustain you until your next trip back.

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