About Marielyst Holiday Centre
By Marielyst Feriecenter you have 20 km of sandy beach at your feet. At the end of the sand stretches Baltic far out of the blue. Just behind, between aspen and birch, is your house in the scenic area, which we called "The Fragrant plantation". Snus in - and see if you can distinguish nuances from the many different types of wood and of course the salty sea.

Are there small keepers in the family, they get busy in the morning. Plug them a bite to eat, so they can demand the curious pheasants, all year round pulleys around in their beautiful feathers splendor. Or discover the many "Easter" bunnies, as running around in the orchard during an extended spring weekend with the family.

The holiday homes in Marielyst Holiday Resort is located just off a great sandy beach. The houses, built of wood and situated in the middle of an orchard, is designed with respect for the surrounding nature. Your property is not far from the village Marielyst. The houses were designed by Stephan Kappel.

Note - Since all the houses have individual owners can furnishings and equipment vary from house to house. They knew images reflect Not all the houses interior design and decoration.


· Launderette *

· Tennis
· Volleyball
· Playground
· Playing field
· Free Parking (remember to get parking sign at the front desk)

The area
· Beach: 500 M
· Shopping: 1 KM
· Downtown: Nykøbing, 13 km
· Restaurant: 1.5 KM

* For an additional fee

The area around Marielyst Feriecenter Marielyst is one of Denmark's most attractive resorts. In high season you will find a great range of shops with groceries, clothes, handicrafts, etc., as well as several good restaurants and a lively nightlife. Marielyst is surrounded by beautiful beaches, forests and a bird sanctuary. Your holiday home in Marielyst Holiday Resort is located directly to Baltic Sea in a green area with everything from asp to beech. One area which may challenge every child to play. Just outside the town is the bowling center, mini golf, horse riding, go-kart track etc.

The possibilities for a wonderful holiday at Marielyst are as endless as the wide, white beaches along the Baltic Sea. When you do not just want to bask in sand and swim in the fresh waves, there is a wealth of activities for all ages.

A whole raft of attractions and places of interest within range. Plus great shopping options, both of groceries to cheap prices and handicrafts, clothes, gifts, etc. In short, exciting opportunities enough for a long vacation or as most people experience it: Turning back again and again

Marielyst voted best beach in 2012
Again this year, users have on Rejseliv.dk named Marielyst to Denmark Best beach.

Characterized by the 20 km long Marielyst beach is amazing bathing water on the Baltic Sea and the white, soft and sandy, and the many facilities that exist on and around the beach.

The old town Nykøbing F offers something for everyone throughout the family young and old. The town is surrounded by beautiful countryside at Guldborgsund and has several attractions, offering everything from history and animals to the good old days. In the center of town, we recommend: - Medieval: Enter the year of our Lord 1394 where knights and other good people prevailed. - Nykøbing Zoo: Everything from pet goats, tiger, snakes and free-range chickens. - Museum Falster Memories: The city's story told with clothes, toys and furniture. - The Old Grocery Store: Shop and Museum in one, from the days when Grandpa was a child. - Abbey Church: The city's oldest church, built as part of a Franciscan monastery in the 1400s. - Nykøbing Watertower: Various exhibitions and a magnificent view from the top. - Fire Museum: Old fire trucks that can satisfy a childhood dream. - Barber Museum: Barber Fixtures and paraphernalia from the days when great-grandfather went to the hairdresser.

Nykøbing has a vibrant cultural life with several art galleries, many musical and theatrical performances with major national and international names. Among other things Nykøbing Revue during the summer months, Nykøbing F, Square Jazz in the summer months, Festival in July and Secrets Night in October / Nov. annually recurring events attracts many.

The city has a pleasant pedestrian environment with cafes, good shopping, many specialty shops and several restaurants.

Take the family in BonBon-Land at Kotri and spend a whole day in a of Denmark's best-known and most fun amusement parks. With more than 70 rides are rides are every taste. When the input is paid is all rides free. And then of course there is the opportunity to create their own lollipops and buy sweets. In BonBon country you will also find many eating places and restaurants.

Gavnø is one of Denmark's greatest cultural treasures. Gavnø Castle contains a large collection of works of art as well as Northern Europe's largest private collection of paintings just over 1,000 paintings. Butterflies Country and African Mountain Goats. Nature Playground Pirate Land and treasure. Castle park offers including on Denmark's largest tulip exhibition, sensory garden, unique doll exhibition and a romantic rose garden. Gavnø Abbey Church from 1400-century Scandinavia's most colorful church. Café tulip, souvenir shop and a new castle brewery.
Gavnø, 4700 Næstved · +45 55 70 02 00 · www.Gavnoe.dk

Medieval Centre
The small market town Sundkøbing anno 1398 hosts peaceful artisans, formidable warriors, brave knights and two rich merchants. On market days the flock merchants for local and long distance products, and jugglers, musicians and other pack guests town. Knights are practicing with their horses and weapons and high summer through the daily jousting. Constable tries out war machines to project with large stones, and sometimes roars guns and chin gays. Medieval Centre is a laboratory for historical technology.
In Hamburg Forest 2-4 · 4800 Nykøbing · +45 54 86 19 34 · www.Middelaldercentret.dk

Geocenter cliffs
GeoCenter cliffs are unique - where Danish chalk foundation dramatic fall vertically to the Baltic Sea. Just outside the door is a cliff with the most beautiful and at times most violent nature. Geocenter filled with experiences. You can among other things, experience life in the Cretaceous sea, lifting mountains, go through the Ice Age glaciers, make your own cliff collapses, participate in activities and go on trips with nature guides or see 5 of the best artists bid for Denmark and Møns Klint's geological origins ..
Stengårdsvej 8 · 4791 Borre · +45 55 86 36 00 · www.Moensklint.dk

Geomuseum Faxe
Geomuseum Faxe is beautifully situated on the edge of Faxe Limestone Quarry, Denmark most active quarry. The limestone is the remains of a 63 million years old fossilized coral reef, and you can find more than 500 different kinds of fossils down there. The museum offers a great geological exhibition about life in the fossil coral reefs, and a cultural exhibition on kalkbrydningens more than 900 years of history in Faxe. See more on www.geomuseumfaxe.dk
Østervej 2 · 4640 Faxe · +45 56 50 28 06 · www.Geomuseumfaxe.dk


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    Distance to LEGOLAND (min.)
    Golf course
    1 km
    1,5 km
    500 m
    1 km
    2 km
  • Furnishing

    Non smoking hotel
  • Wellness

    Swimming pool - indoor
    Swimming pool - outdoor
    Indoor waterpark