Lemvig - overlooking a wonderful holiday!
On Lemvig have the whole family overlooks a wonderful holiday. We live in the cozy accommodation with sun terrace or covered balcony - many of them with direct views over the fjord. Here you have ample opportunity to have dipped their toes. On the child-friendly beach you can swim, surf and play beach volleyball, and home on holiday center you can enjoy the great indoors pool area with spa, sauna and Turkish steam bath.

As a guest at Lemvig-region there is much to do. Visit the cozy marina and beach promenade, or go to the largest forest district, Klosterheden where you may be lucky enough to see Denmark's only beavers. Hunt for crafts, visit workshops, learn about Coast to Coast Centre and much more. You can also take a trip to the breathtaking North, located just 15 km from the resort center.

Note - Since all the houses have individual owners can furnishings and equipment vary from house to house. They knew images reflect Not all the houses interior design and decoration.


Children's pool
Course Local
Solarium *
Internet in apartments *
Swimming pool
Turkish steam bath
Hot Tub
Laundry *

Beach volleyball
Jumping Pillow

The area
Beach: 200 m
Shopping: 200 m (ms), 1 km (low season)
Center: Lemvig, 2 km
Seaside: 100 m
Restaurant: 500 m

* For an additional fee

The area around Lemvig
On Lemvig do you live right next to the charming marina and the lovely beach. There are sea views from virtually the entire area.

You do not know Jutland until you have prepared Lemvig a visit. The cozy town that is large enough to offer the most: Limfjord, North Sea and Denmark's only beavers. The last ice age has at Lemvig created V-shaped canyons and steep slopes that give the city its steep streets. But here is also promenade, marina and cozy harbor. It's all so hospitable and inviting that many guests choose to return here again and again. Lemvig was the model for the comic strip "Life in Lidenlund" and understand you do when you've visited it. And why not stay good when you are here? Ideally, the holiday resort Lemvig with the best comfort. In Limfjord lies many small and large islands. The largest is the Mother of town Nykøbing. The island offers on a beautiful natural landscape and an excellent example of this Hanklit. Slope is exposed towards the sea side and with its 67 m Denmark highest mólerskrænt. Moler consists predominantly of microscopic algae shells, that has been deposited over thousands of years and in the Ice Age are brought here and forced up the cliff. Visit Struer, which is one of the youngest Danish towns, the first achieved this honor in 1917. Even in 1801 there lived only 53 people by Struer Ladeplads, which, however, got into a development after Aggertangens breakthrough the 1825th There is also Bovbjerg with its steep coast and Bovbjerg Lighthouse Built in 1877 on the cliff highest point. It was painted red, to seafarers should not confuse it with church towers Trans and Ferring. From the 26 m high lighthouse is impressive views out over the North Sea, and from country can count 18 churches. Thyborøn slightly to the north and is Denmark second largest fishing port. Also visit Jyllandsakvariet, activity center West Coast mm

J ESPERHUS - Much more than flowers and bees.
There are both speed and excitement, time for thought and plenty of educational experiences in Jesperhus. One third of the park is covered. Here you will find our 4D cinema, jungle zoo with interesting plants, free-ranging monkeys and iguanas and fun jungle. A third is the flower park, where you can find inspiration for your own garden, enjoy farvepragten, taste and fragrances sansealleen and enjoy a nice cup of coffee in Cafe Klodshans. A third is the playground with fun rides, boats, cars, carousel, pony rides, bouncy castles, sand boxes and and much more.
Legind Mountains · 7900 Nykøbing · +45 96 70 14 00 · www.Jesperhus.dk

Kystcentret - Terrarium and activity
Coastal Centre is Denmark's first coastal terrarium - see vipers, lizards, frogs and toads. Here you can also build dams, create waves with both hands and feet, let your hands disappear into the quicksand or sail with remote trawler. See also the exhibition of the dramatic stranding of the Russian frigate "Alexander Nevsky" and visit our special cinema. The center is open throughout the year
Kystcentervej 3 · 7680 Thyborøn · +45 96900200 · www.Kystcentret.dk

Dare you pat a shark on the head with a crab in your hand and ironing a flatfish over the back? Try to find amber, boarding a fishing boat and put your hand on a giant whale skull. Lots of experiences throughout the year for both children and adults. Open all year. The entire Amber Aage exhibition of amber from the North Sea is moved to Jyllandsakvariet.
Vesterhavsgade 16 · PO Box 71 · 7680 Thyborøn · +45 97 83 28 08 · www.Jyllandsakvariet.dk

The world's largest limestone quarry. An endless labyrinth of galleries with caves as large as cathedrals and narrow aisles, where a grown man can not go upright. There are 60 km of galleries, of which approx. 2 km informed. There appears multimedia over the largest lake in the pit a sea of ??light, where limestone and pits history reflected in the water. Exhibition and film about bats, geology and history of Lime Plant. See website for opening hours
Kalkværksvej 8, Mønsted · 7850 Stoholm Jutland · +45 86 64 60 11 · www.monsted-kalkgruber.dk

Hjerl Heath
Known for its live demonstrations both in summer and at Christmas with particular workshops, steam sawmill, veterandamptog and a Stone Age settlement. The museum's 50 buildings, the Danish village development from the 1500s to up to 1900, including Denmark's oldest farm "Vinkelgården" from around The 1530th There are also forest and MOSEBRUG museum and a collection of old Danish livestock breeds. See website for opening hours and special events
Hjerl Hedevej 14 · 7830 Vinderup · +45 97 44 80 60 · www.hjerlhede.dk



  • Activities

    Tennis court - outdoor
  • Distance

    Distance to LEGOLAND (min.)
    Golf course
    200 m
    1 km
    300 m
    2 km
    2 km
  • For children

    Activity room/Play room
    Hopping cushion
    Pool for children
  • Furnishing

  • Wellness

    Swimming pool - indoor
    Swimming pool - outdoor
    Turkish bath
    Whirl pool
    Indoor waterpark