About Rim Romo Holiday
On holiday center you have the most magnificent scenery in front nose. The unique fauna of the Wadden Sea, the huge beach and the protected dunes. But sometimes you simply have more, and so we are obviously aware in Danlands holiday resort.

Here there is a choice of 3 sizes of apartments, all of which are cozy and furnished with everything you need. On top we can offer football and tennis, activity room, table tennis, billiards and a swimming pool with children's pool. The best possible starting point for a lovely family holiday on island.

Some have been hospitalized district, so these will heating costs will be settled separately and not through the current settlement.

Note! - When all the houses have individual owners can furnishings and equipment vary from house to house. They knew images reflect Not all the houses interior design and decoration.


Table Tennis *
Table Hockey *
Children's pool
Cafe (ms)
Strength *
Free Internet in all apartments
Slots *
Solarium *
Swimming pool
Launderette *

Beach volleyball
Tennis *
Mini Golf *
Swimming pool
Children's pool
Jumping Pillow

The area
Beach: 2.3 km
Shopping: 1 km
Center: Skærbæk, 25 km
Restaurant: 1 km

* For an additional fee

The area around the Holiday Romo
On Romo has nature on all sides. The violent North Sea and the ask the Wadden Sea. Over 90% of the island is pure nature with many large protected natural areas. and also found here one of the finest and widest beaches, there are several places is 2-3 kilometers wide, and you can drive down to water's edge. At the Holiday Centre is among other things outdoor swimming pool.

The center is within walking distance to the Wadden Sea and a newly built 18-hole golf course. Take the 10 kilometer long causeway from the mainland to Romo, and are already stuck far out at sea. In front of you has in the North Sea, behind you - between island and mainland - the peaceful Wadden Sea. No wonder that this island has attracted fishermen and "commanders" - retired whalers.

High sky, beautiful dunes and a white sandy beach that stretches across the island length of 17 kilometers. Here is a unique life on the huge beach and the whole island is buzzing with activity. Take a ride or attempt to catch dinner from the shore or from a boat. Only birds in the Wadden Sea is the whole trip worth. Romo offers many attractions such. Kommandørgården, a beautiful red-brick building with wings from the 18th century.

Living room's walls, ceilings and doors are adorned with paintings, and the walls is covered with Dutch tiles. Romo Church between King Mark and Havneby has all five votive, all donated by captains who have been in distress, but escaped with their lives. Romo is a fascinating natural area located next to North Sea. Over 90% of the island is pure nature with many large protected natural areas, and also found here one of the finest and widest beaches, Several places is 2-3 kilometers wide, and here is the ability to run completely down to the water's edge. You can of course enjoy all kinds of water sports.

Ribe - Denmark's oldest town
Ribe is full of exciting experiences for the whole family. Journey 1000 years back in time. See how Vikings lived and follow Ribes development up through the Middle Ages. Get some of the city's stunning and dramatic stories and let the most beautiful works of art awaken your creativity. Learn about the Wadden Sea nature and experience a storm surge. At low tide you can take the tractor bus to Mandø and fill lungs with fresh air. See exotic animals in the eyes, hop on the head in swimming pool, and indulge in a game of bowling or miniature golf.

Ribe Viking Centre
Step into the world of the Vikings. Journey 1000 years back in time. Viking ship is at the dock, where work and traded. Take a walk in Ribe City, 825 AD, where you can smell, hear and taste the Viking Age. On large farm grazing Icelandic horses, sparks jump in the smithy, and food is being prepared by fireplace. Birds of prey up close: Discover the falconer flying his birds and feel sucked in his stomach when the impact falcon swoops down among the audience. Activities the whole family: Visit the playground and ride into the world of the gods - if you dare! Meet the real Vikings and test yourself against fire, bake bread and shoot with the longbow.
Lustrupvej 4 · DK-6760 Ribe · +45 75 41 16 11 · www.Ribevikingecenter.dk

Museum Ribe& Vikings
See the many thousands from Viking and medieval Ribe. Discover Ribes history from the year 700 to 1700. See glass beads and skeletons. Stand in the reconstructed environments where you can go into a Viking ship. See video on Viking or try a chain mail in the playroom Kristine and Rolf. Enjoy a historically menu in the museum café and explore the museum shop - Open throughout the year.
Odin Space · 6760 Ribe · +45 76 88 11 22 · www.Ribesvikinger.dk

Exhibitions about nature and culture of the Wadden Sea for the whole family. Multimedia Show with dramatic film, video, image and lydforestilling in a flood-prone area. Catch a crab in the touch pool or make a flood in dike vessel. Learn about tides, and one of the world's largest larders for millions of migratory birds. Open all year, see website for opening hours.
Okholmvej 5 · V. Vedsted · 6760 Ribe · +45 75 44 61 61 · www.Vadehavscentret.dk

Registered Oldtidspark
Visit Registered Prehistoric Park, where 2000 years ago was a Iron Age village. Embark on a journey through time, starting in the 1000 m2 underground museum, and continues in an environment of Iron Age farms, fortifications and Roman catapults. From early May to late September is that varying do - it - yourself - activities and events. In high season inhabited farms of "real" Iron families. In high season there will also be special children's activity day and museum days.
Hjemstedvej 60 · 6780 Skærbæk · +45 74 75 08 00 · www.Hjemsted.dk


  • Activities

    Climbing wall
    Tennis court - outdoor
  • Distance

    Distance to LEGOLAND (min.)
    Golf course
    43 km
    1 km
    3 km
    1 km
    2 km
  • For children

    Activity room/Play room
    Pool for children
  • Furnishing

  • Wellness

    Fitness centre
    Swimming pool - indoor
    Swimming pool - outdoor
    Indoor waterpark