Gudhjem - holiday on the sunny island
Gudhjem Holiday Park you can enjoy the sun over Gudhjem in the front row. Here live you and your family in charming villas beautifully situated on a slope - some overlooking the Baltic Sea. From here you have only a few minutes walk to the beach, and the harbor is just a 10 minute pleasant walk away.

Gudhjem is incredibly charming with its steep and winding streets, well-preserved half-timbered houses and the many smokehouse chimneys. The area in and around the Gudhjem is ideal for short or long walks along the many paths, both forest as along the stunning coastline. From Gudhjem Harbour's daily departure to the unique and historic rocky Christiansø, where everything from buildings to wildlife is protected. Back in holiday park, you can relax, swim and bask in the large outdoor pool, and in the evening you can enjoy sunset over Gudhjem.

Note! - When all the houses have individual owners can furnishings and equipment vary from house to house. They knew images reflect Not all the houses interior design and decoration.


Sauna *
Laundry *
Foosball *
Internet at the reception

Swimming pool (10x25m) 1
Jumping Pillow
Tennis *
Bicycle Rental

The area
Beach: 800 m
Shopping: 100 m
Center: Gudhjem, 500m
Coastal, 200 m
Restaurant, 300 m

* For an additional fee

1st) The swimming pool is open and heated from 1/6-31/8.

The area around Gudhjem
In one of the most beautiful spots on the island - namely Gudhjem - see Holiday Gudhjem. Several of the cottages have sea views, and all have air conditioning. Here everything is just around the corner. Idyllic Gudhjem with hollyhocks and the city's distinctive red tile roofs that winds up and down hills, the smell of tarred nets and smokehouses at the cozy harbor. Helligdomsklipperne, Paradise Hills and the Baltic Sea as far as the eye against Christiansø in the east and Dueodde the south. Bornholm is the children's island, and you will find experiences and activities for all ages. You can include experience Bornholm Medieval Centre and Joboland.



Medieval Center
Medieval Centre is an adventure center just 500 m from Østerlars Round Church and the beautiful nature of Bornholm. This is culture and nature in time 1300-1450, with Great Male Farm and rural development with exciting activities for both children and adults. You can even sample of participating in activities of daily living in an authentic atmosphere among breeds, watermill, laundry room and much more. Archery, workshops, tournament course, juggling, sword fighting, øltelte, trade stalls, dining tent, stage and food stalls. You can also participate in the treasure hunt "Raiders of Templar treasure".



Joboland - Brændesgårdshaven
In Joboland - Brændesgårdshaven you can throw yourself around 4 themes: Water park, zoo, action / play and haven.Du can revel in 6000 m2 water park, where the water is always my. 22 degrees. Udstryret with all 5 slides, luna loop, crazy river and a beautiful lake with many rowing boats. There are also mini golf, bowling alleys, electric cars, climbing country and bouncy castle. In the zoo you can include meeting mountain goats, gibbons, rhinos, yaks and others The garden is beautifully landscaped with small lakes and fountains and it's easy to find a green spot to rest on. When you get hungry, you will also find a large cafeteria with moderate prices, but you are also welcome to bring your own lunch. One ticket paid, all rides free.

Round Churches
Four out of Denmark's total of 7 round churches can be found on Bornholm. Østerlars Church is Bornholm's largest and oldest rotunda and probably the best known of approx. 120,000 annual visits. The church was built ca. 1150 and inside you can enjoy murals from around 1350. New church is the smallest of the four round churches of Bornholm and should be listed at the beginning of the 1200s. The strong pillar in the middle of the building is beautiful and richly decorated with murals. Ols church is the tallest and most elegant with its 26 meters. Are Built around. 1150, but rebuilt and reinforced several times. The church has nine skyttegab and the top part of the wall has obviously been a part of parapet. A fortress, which in its time was impossible to conquer the enemies. Nylars church is considered the best-preserved round church and witness more of a past as a defense. It is believed to be built in 1160 and has beautiful murals on the center pillar of the church. The church also two of Bornholm approx. 40 rune stones.

In Nexo is a museum named after Bornholm great poet Martin Andersen Nexo (1869-1954). Pelle the Conqueror is his most famous work. Museum shows how he lived from 13-years of age. Bornholm Museum, see Ronne. A museum of cultural history, reflecting 10,000 years of history. See for example the known Bornholmderure, memories of the war, maritime history and more. Erichsen's Farm, also in Ronne is a city and garden museum. The beautiful building is from 1806 and has housed a fine old family associated with contemporary artist. The garden is a unique example of a province have from 1800-century. Holger Drachmann moved into the house and ended up marrying, however, briefly with Wilhelmine Erichsen. In Ronne you can also visit Hjorths Factory. Exhibition of pottery and ceramics factories and products down from 1800-century. There are workshops and in-store you can see and feel the fine ceramics before you buy. On Hjorts Factory started production with water coolers and match holders and sales went well, so that was expanded with including characters and popular Greek vases.

It is in paradise hills that you find Rokkestenen and many other ancient monuments and sights. You move in a hilly rocky landscape with valleys and unique natural woodland. Here are several idyllic lakes and old højlyngmoser.


  • Activities

    Tennis court - outdoor
  • Distance

    Distance to LEGOLAND (min.)
    300 m
    200 m
    100 m
  • For children

    Hopping cushion
  • Furnishing

  • Wellness

    Swimming pool - indoor
    Swimming pool - outdoor
    Indoor waterpark