Naturally, you determine how to use your time in the villa you selected. Anything can be arranged. Obviously, it is totally up to you whether you are primarily interested in experiences and excursions or prefer to savour absolute relaxation at the villa.

With a villa for 15 persons, we are in the group of large villas. There is lots of space here for multiple families or other couples.

Tips for holiday experiences

Choose Greece as your next trip and you will not be disappointed. Each city offers new adventures for the whole family to enjoy.

Seafood lovers should not miss the local Santorini specialty, Brantada, consisted of cod fish coated in flour and spices.

A visit to the Aegean Maritime Museum on Mykonos is the perfect way to learn about Greece's proud maritime history

Admire the beauty of the Greek island of Santorini, with its iconic blue and white houses that seem straight out of a picture book.

Visit the Venetian castle overlooking the western Greek city of Nafpaktos for the best view of the harbor below.

Take a trek to the top of the famous Acropolis of Athens, an ancient fortress complex in the capital of Greece. The highlight stands proudly at the very peak, with the Parthenon rising up with its over 50 grand columns.

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Irrespective of the which kind of villa you want to rent, you are of course covered by the Feline Holidays price guarantee.

That simply means that we guarantee to you that none of our competitors rents the a villa of your choice at a price lower than our price.

In the unlikely event that we make an error in our price monitoring, we will reimburse you the entire price difference.The total credit will simply be lodged to your account.

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