If you want to experience as much as possible of Cyprus during your holiday, a villa is a really great base. Villas of this size are significantly cheaper than larger villas, giving you more money for the experiences that are the most important thing on your holiday.

If you decide on a villa as a base for the family holiday, you can expect a splendid mix of experiences, excursions, time for one another and total relaxation in your chosen villa.

Tips for holiday experiences

Located just south of Turkey in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, the island of Cyprus proves to be one of the best family holiday destinations.

Established by Ancient Greece, Paphos offers a look at a bygone time. Experience it best at Kato Paphos Archaeological Park.

Paphos Waterpark lets your gang enjoy thrills and splashes in a city established millennia ago.

Camel Park is a must-visit for families. One day is not even enough time to fully enjoy all it has to offer, from camel rides and pools, to playgrounds and other interesting animals.

For lovers of beauty, history, and archaeology, the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park offers an adventure of a lifetime. You’ll never forget your journey among famous landmarks, stunning ancient ruins, and magnificent views.

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