A holiday accommodation is a really good base if you want to experience Dalmatia. If you pick a holiday accommodation as a base for your holiday, you can look forward to a great mix of experiences, excursions, time to enjoy one another’s company and real relaxation in your selected holiday accommodation.

Of course, you decide yourself how you want to use the time in your holiday accommodation.

You certainly aren’t doing anything wrong if you choose to book a holiday accommodation as a base for the family holiday. Dalmatia is a great place for a holiday.

Here, you have time to relax together, you can unwind together and choose exactly the experiences and excursions you feel like taking. The dream of spending time together and sharing wonderful experiences will soon come true. With a holiday accommodation as a base, a hundred percent of your holiday time is yours and of course you can use it precisely as you wish.

Look forward to enjoying life in the warm sand and going for a dip in the inviting water whenever you feel like it.

If you rent an accommodation by the beach, it will not only be easy to unwind on a towel on the warm sand. At west-facing coasts, an accommodation by the beach offers an unrivalled view in the evening as the sun sets into the sea.

You can unwind in the sand here and naturally also look forward to the other holiday experiences Dalmatia has to offer.

Tips for holiday experiences

Made up of hundreds of islands and mountains, the area offers an array of opportunities for fun and adventure for families on holidays.

In the summer, the old city holds the Dubrovnik Film Festival in addition to the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Moreover, during the Makarska Cultural Summer, events such as men’s choir performances, poetry readings, folklore performances, and exhibitions take place to celebrate the culture of the region.

The small village of Brella, located in the south of Dalmatia is home to Brela beach. Brela beach is famous for its numerous pine trees that cover the long pebble beaches, making the area perfect for lounging and relaxing long walks.

During the summer months of July and August, the traditional Makarska Cultural Summer comes to the port town of Makarska on the Dalmatian coast.

The Franciscan monastery of Sumartin offers a museum that is rich in the history and culture of the Dalmatian region, housing an array of antique paintings, ancient maps, and beautiful medieval jewelry for you to discover.

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