Of course, you decide yourself how you want to use the time in your holiday accommodation.

Look forward to relaxing in the warm sand and going for a dip in the inviting water whenever you feel like it.

If you book an accommodation by the beach, it will not only be easy to enjoy life on a towel on the warm sand. You can also simply stroll along the water’s edge in the evening and enjoy the charming vista.

If you decide to rent an accommodation by the beach, you can all look forward to a relaxing holiday and unwind by the water.

Tips for holiday experiences

The adventure never ends in Albufeira, Portugal when you visit with your family for the ultimate holiday getaway.

For exercise and adventure lovers, you and your family can embark on a road biking or mountain biking tour. Truly navigate through the terrain of Albufeira and explore firsthand the natural treasures and countless wonders of the captivating countryside.

Set sail from Albufeira on the Leãozinho Pirate Ship to enjoy the historical feel of traversing the ocean on a historical wooden ship. The three and a half hour tour will leave you with the opportunity to swim in the ocean, tour caves, drink at a 'pirate bar', and catch sight of dolphins leaping between the waves.

For the truly adventurous, you can take on the seas yourself with a sailing expedition.

Perfect for an exhilarating, fun-filled family adventure, the Parque Aventura features zip-lining, rope bridges, trails, paintball, and a vast variety of games and other exciting activities. Visit Parque Aventura for a once in a lifetime, hands-on, unforgettable family bonding activity.

Take leave of the coastal beaches in a Land Rover as you travel up to the high peaks of the nearby mountains on a sunset safari tour.

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