The large self catering holiday homes you can find here on the page offer beautiful rooms, multiple bathrooms and toilets, large seating areas and plenty of space for family members young and old in a cosy environment.

Self-drive holidays with your own car to your destination at Belgium are ideal if excursions and experiences are near the top of your wish list. All you have to do is sit into your car and set off to have exactly the experiences you envision.

Tips for holiday experiences

Despite its small size, the county of Belgium offers many different holiday destinations that your family will adore.

Learn the history of when Congo Africa was under the control of Belgium with a stop at the Royal Museum for Central Africa.

There is so much to do at Cinquantenaire Park that it will take your family all day to explore it. See the Art and History Museum that focuses on prehistory, visit AutoWorld where over 350 antique autos can be viewed, and the oldest mosque in Brussels.

See the torture equipment, an early judicial courtroom, and hear the lively story of the Gravensteen that was originally constructed during the 12th century. Imagine building this Castle of the Counts with its 24 stunning towers.

Hike through the first part of the Caves of Remouchamps before taking a boat ride on the world's longest subterranean river.

Explore the important role that Belgium played during World War II by viewing tanks, aircraft and more during a visit to the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History Museum.

See the tall steeple at the Town Hall, the Gothic Revival King's House and the magnificent Guild Houses on a tour of the Grand Place in Brussels.

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