If you feel like you need a little more well-being on your weekend break or holiday, a villa with a spa area is a really good choice.

If a varied programme of holiday experiences and time to unwind together are number 1 on the family wish list for the holiday, nothing beats a villa.

Tips for holiday experiences

Greece is one of the founding members of the United Nations and, since 2001 has been a member of the Eurozone.

As Greece's capital city, Athens is the place to find various foods from around the country.

In northern Greece, journey to Halkidiki for a hike through lovely Mediterranean forests on one of three peninsulas.

Take a trek to the top of the famous Acropolis of Athens, an ancient fortress complex in the capital of Greece. The highlight stands proudly at the very peak, with the Parthenon rising up with its over 50 grand columns.

A visit to Corfu in May will ensure mild temperatures with a low chance of rain; perfect weather for touring.

See what fate has in store for you at the Oracle of Delphi. Ancient Greeks made pilgrimages to worship the god Apollo and listen to prophecies.

Eat at a restaurant on the Plaka Stairs in Athens, where you can spy on patrons sitting below you.

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