A holiday accommodation is exactly the right base if you are making plans to experience Devon. A holiday accommodation is just the right solution if a combination of experiences and total relaxation is on the wish list for your holiday.

All options are on the table. Naturally, it is entirely up to you whether you tend more towards experiences and excursions or total relaxation in the holiday accommodation.

In your chosen holiday accommodation, your time is your own, and you can choose just the experiences you feel like having. Devon is a beautiful place to take a holiday.

Here, the family has time to unwind with one another and you can choose exactly the experiences and excursions you have in mind. The dream of spending time together and sharing wonderful experiences will soon come true. With a holiday accommodation as a base, your holiday time is entirely your own and you can use it as you wish.

Sunrise, sunset, sailboats on the sea or foam-crested waves – you can enjoy all of that from the comfort of your room if you book an accommodation with a sea view.

Tips for holiday experiences

The county of Devon on the South West Peninsula of England is full of ancient ruins, wonderful holiday cottages and a deep sense of history long forgotten.

Holidays in Devon hold the fun of visiting Blue Flag beaches, both soft sand and white pebble, each more beautiful than the last.

For a truly unique holiday in Devon, schedule an experience at the Yarak Birds of Prey. This authentic time with these delightful birds will stay in your memory forever.

The point of any holiday in Devon is enjoying a traditional Devon tea. A great spot to do this is the Hele Corn Mill &Tea Room. Delicious food in charming surroundings, this is Devon at its finest.

For family fun and adventure, take a ride on the Seaton Tramway. The views along the river are stunning followed by the reward of a delicious meal at the café.

Chambercombe Manor located in Ilfracombe and full of ghost stories is a great spot to soak up authentic tales of Devon history.

Visit Brixham Harbor and tour the replica of the Golden Hind, Sir Francis Drake’s famous ship. Young and old will love the stories of a world almost lost in history.

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