If you rented the cottage with a swimming pool that is ideal for you, you can all look forward to a great holiday in luxurious surroundings.

A cottage is an ideal base if you want to experience Brittany. If you select a cottage as a base for your holiday, you can look forward to a great blend of experiences, excursions, time to enjoy one another’s company and true relaxation in your selected cottage.

Brittany is a great place for a holiday.

Tips for holiday experiences

Family holidays in Brittany are full of culture, nature, and exploration! Whether you’re a foodie family or a troop that enjoys the beach, this region has an adventure for you.

Saint-Malo blends modern French charm with living history. Wander the medieval defenses and use your high vantage point to look through the twisting streets below for a quiet café where you can enjoy lunch.

For a taste of romantic, medieval architecture, pay a visit to Ploërmel in Brittany’s Morbihan department.

Early December is the time to catch military reenactments by the famous Special Military School of Saint-Cyr in Guer.

Ply through the swamps of la Brière Natural Park on a small boat to discover the flora and fauna native to the region.

The Parc d’Amorique covers a huge swath of land, including shoreline and inland natural wonders.

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