Rent a holiday rental so that you have the largest possible choice of holiday rentals in exactly the area you most want to experience.

Book a holiday rental by the beach, if a seaside holiday features prominently on your wish list.

If you rent a holiday rental by the beach, it will not only be easy to unwind on a towel on the warm sand. You can also simply stroll along the water’s edge in the evening and enjoy the wonderful view.

Look forward to a few unforgettable days close to sand and water.

Tips for holiday experiences

Surrounded by Germany, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, there is a lot to do in Belgium.

See over 8,000 different musical instruments at the Royal Museums for Art and History.

Explore the important role that Belgium played during World War II by viewing tanks, aircraft and more during a visit to the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History Museum.

Discover hidden gardens, beautiful old bridges, and amazing views while on a narrowboat on the canals of Burgis.

Start your day with a Belgian waffle and a cup of coffee or glass of juice at one of the sidewalk cafes.

Peter Paul Rubens carefully designed his home to look like an Italian palace, and you will love visiting the home filled with his work and its surrounding formal garden on a trip to Antwerp.

Spend a fun day playing on over 50 amusement rides at Bobbejaanland where adults and older children are sure to scream with delight as they plunge down one of the tallest hills in the world on a rollercoaster and ride on a virtual reality roller coaster. Younger family members will love exploring Kinderland.

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