The large vacation homes offer multiple features inside and outside. There is plenty of space here for games, fun and enjoying one another’s company, in all conceivable forms.

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Tips for holiday experiences

The people of Greece love to celebrate life, and you are invited to join them in those everyday celebrations.

Spend Carnival on Greece in the city of Patra, which boasts one of the largest celebrations in Europe, including a Children's Carnival. The highlight is dressing up in masquerade for the parade and treasure hunt games.

Visit the Daphni Monastery just outside of Athens for a window into 6th century monastic life.

You will want to climb Mount Olympus while in Greece to see where Hades ruled the underworld and Zeus came to earth according to mythology.

Those interested in pre-historic artifacts should not miss Santorini's Archaeological Museum of Thera where some specimens date back to the 20th century BC.

Tour the beautiful beaches laid out around the seaside town of Gythio in the region of Peloponnese.

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