It is an extraordinary experience to holiday in a holiday with luxury features. You have your very own swimming pool here, which you can of course use whenever you feel like it. And the experiences that await you around Crete are also easy to reach.

Rent a holiday so that you have the largest possible choice of holidays in exactly the area you most want to experience.

Rent a holiday at a discount price due to cancellation

Here on this page, you can always see the widest range of cancelled holidays. The number of last minute-holidays is constantly changing. If there are less than four weeks to an arrival date, the rent for a holiday is occasionally reduced. There are no exact rules on the cases in which last minute discounts take effect. As a rule, this happens when someone suddenly becomes ill, or another unforeseen event occurs just a few days before a guest is due to go on holiday.

How much can I save when I look for last minute luxury crete holidays?

You will invariably save at least 10% of the rent for a holiday, but the savings are very often significantly greater.

last minute luxury crete holidays - What do I do if there are currently no offers for holidays in the area?

If you cannot find any discounted holidays in the area at the moment, there are two things you can do. The option you choose depends on the day you plan to arrive on.

If there are ten or more days left before your arrival date, you can take the opportunity and wait to see if an offer crops up due to cancellation and you can find a holiday. However, there are no guarantees whatsoever. Alternatively, you can search in another area than the one you had initially decided on.

In a nutshell, your choice depends on the intended day of arrival and your requirements for the area where your holiday is to be. That lets you find the greatest possible discount.

Tips for holiday experiences

Discover Greece one island at a time. Start with Crete, famous for its rich history and architecture.

Your family memories will never be the same once you have shared the majesty of Crete with each other. You will talk about the sunsets, sand, and beaches for years.

If you have never seen pink sand, and even if you have, you will want to go to one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete, which is the Elafonissi beach.

Imagine taking your family to an authentic palace or castle in Greece. The hardest part will be deciding which one. Choose from venues such as the Castle of Frangokastello, the Venetian Castle, and Knossos.

Just think about what you have to look forward to when you visit Greece’s Great Island of Crete. Plenty of indoor and outdoor activities await you and your family on your very special vacation to Crete.

If you like touring old churches and archaeological finds, you have come to the right place. Crete offers a plethora of places to learn about the island’s people and history.

One of the most popular souvenirs to take home from the island of Crete is extra virgin olive oil. An added tip: purchase the olive oil in metal containers to ensure safe passage without any breakage.

Price guarantee - last minute luxury crete holidays

Irrespective of the which kind of holiday you want to rent, the Feline Holidays price guarantee naturally applies to you.

Simply put, that means that we promise that none of our competitors rent the a holiday you prefer at prices better than our price.

In the unlikely event that a minor error occurs in our monitoring of the prices of other rental companies, we will reimburse the entire surplus.The amount will simply be paid directly to your account.

Customer service - last minute luxury crete holidays

If you have questions about or special requirements for your search for "last minute luxury crete holidays" simply contact us. Send an e-mail to or call: (+45) 8724 2252.

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