In your preferred holiday accommodation, your time is all your own, and you can choose just the experiences you wish to have.

Choose an accommodation with luxury features if you want a really exceptional holiday. You have plenty of space in both the indoor and outdoor areas, and it is pure indulgence to be able to use your very own swimming pool.

Tips for holiday experiences

Albufeira sits on the along the coast of Portugal in the Algarve region, close to several beautiful beaches for vacationers to relax in the sun and sand.

You and your family can enjoy a delicious barbecue on the beach and venture on a cave exploring expedition with a Catamaran BBQ on the Beach and Cruise to Benagil Caves.

You and your loved ones can view, study, and explore the waters of Albufeira both above the sea and below on an unforgettable glass bottom boat tour. The Oceaneye offers you sensational views of marine life, dolphins, coral, coves, caves, beaches, and more.

Just thirty minutes outside of Albufeira lie the ruins of Cerro de Vila. Descend into the history of Portugal by visiting this remarkable location.

The Cerro de Vila ruins, which are just thirty minutes away from Albufeira, might look like they primarily host Roman artifacts, but the historical location also bears witness to civilizations that predated the Roman occupation, as well as the marks of Visigoth and Moorish successors.

With stunning coastlines and golden beaches, Albufeira is the perfect destination to dive into the waves. Watched by life guards through the summer months, the currents of the ocean waters surrounding the town aren't overpowering, making it a safe - if cold - swimming destination for all ages.

The waves have more to offer than just swimming. Journey out on a variety of tours in order to see dolphins frolicking in the wild.

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