A pool is the ultimate luxury you can have in an accommodation – and of course you can have one in the accommodation you will ultimately choose.

A holiday accommodation is exactly the right base if you are making plans to experience La Palma. If you decide on a holiday accommodation as a base for the family holiday, you can all look forward to a marvellous mix of experiences, excursions, time spent together and absolute relaxation in the holiday accommodation of your choice.

The time in your holiday accommodation is entirely your own – and of course you alone decide how to use your time.

Look forward to a wonderful blend of experiences, excursions, attractions, places of interest – and naturally to total relaxation. La Palma is a great place for a holiday.

Here, you have time to relax together, you can unwind together and choose exactly the experiences and excursions you feel like taking. The dream of spending time with one another and sharing unforgettable experiences with one another will soon become a reality. With a holiday accommodation as a base, a hundred percent of your holiday time is yours and of course you can use it precisely as you wish.

Tips for holiday experiences

La Palma is dripping with diverse natural beauty, unspoiled by machines or humans. From volcanoes to rainforests, you won't find an ugly spot on the island.

The volcanoes in La Palma mark the island's landscape dramatically, and they are perfect for exploring. Don't let their beauty fool you; they can be quite violent when they decide to erupt.

Explore the world of silk at the Museo de la Seda. Traditional methods of silk production are still in use today, and you can watch live weaving here.

The Iglesia del Salvador is decorated to the nines. Stained-glass windows and Islamic architecture make this church well-worth the visit.

Oddities fill the 16th-century monastery that is now Museo Insular. Pickled reptiles and Guanche skulls are on display, along with Spanish paintings.

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