A holiday apartment is the ideal base if you plan to experience Elba. You can simply be yourself here, and experience places of interest and attractions whenever it fits into your family’s plans.

If you want your holiday to be far better than average, an apartment with luxurious features is a really good choice. You have your very own pool area here, where you can be totally certain that the kids will love it.

Tips for holiday experiences

Famed for being the island that Napoleon was exiled to in 1814, a visit to Elba will have you thinking it must not have been so bad. With beachy coves and crystal blue waters, Elba is a little paradise in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Elba Wildlife Museum and the Aquarium are well worth the visit. One hundred fifty species of marine animals reside here in tanks made from natural materials.

At 1,019 meters above sea level, Capanne Mount is no doubt a challenge to hike. A cable car runs to the top, which allows you to view Elba on three sides.

Take a walk on La Via dell’Essenza to get a full picture of the island. Warm breezes will gently tan your skin as you take in the sights.

Spend the day splashing in the gentle waters of Marina di Campo. This long stretch of beach is met with safe waters that won't overwhelm children or non-swimmers.

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