No matter which kind of holiday rentals with luxury features you select, your family can look forward to a few wonderful days together. You will have your very own pool area and the holiday experiences that await you at Albufeira are naturally easy to reach.

Holiday planning is a great activity for all the family. Book a holiday rental, then you will already know which holiday region you will be exploring.

Tips for holiday experiences

Located in the district of Faro, Albufeira, Portugal offers the ideal family holiday vacation filled with beautiful beaches, exciting activities, and unforgettable memories.

The Zoomarine Algarve Theme Park is possibly the best family park in the region. Explore the mysteries of the sea and other natural wonders at this exciting, educational, and truly spectacular theme park adventure.

Learn new skills on a creative nighttime photography tour to the sea side. You'll have the opportunity to capture breath taking snapshots of the starry sky and moon soaked waters.

Albufeira is not unlike any other place in the world, and on occasion will find itself victim to bad weather days. However, the city hosts a movie theater that often has English audio and a bowling alley, so even on a rainy day you can make the most of your time in Albufeira.

Take leave of the coastal beaches in a Land Rover as you travel up to the high peaks of the nearby mountains on a sunset safari tour.

Just thirty minutes outside of Albufeira lie the ruins of Cerro de Vila. Descend into the history of Portugal by visiting this remarkable location.

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