If you want your holiday to be far better than average, a villa with luxurious features is a really good choice. You have your very own pool area here, where you can be completely certain that the kids will love having fun there.

A villa is the perfect base if you plan to experience Fuerteventura. You can unwind here, be yourself and make excursions to places of interest and attractions whenever it suits your family’s plans.

Tips for holiday experiences

Start looking forward to your holiday and the comfortable warm weather in Fuerteventura. Anytime of year, you’ll feel the sunny trade wind’s soothing breezes complement the mid-60s to upper 70s seasonal temperatures.

Guided walk tours highlight the island’s lovely sand dunes and volcanic rocks that lead to the sea.

Kites fly amidst a vibrantly colored sky during sunsets. They show off nightly landscapes above as kite flyers walk and guide them from the sandy Corraljo beaches.

The Pegasus, the Great Andromeda Nebula, and the Cassiopeia are the three biggest constellations in the skies over Fuerteventura. Even on a night without moon light, stargazers who use binoculars can distinguish an outline of the Great Andromeda Nebula.

The Kid’s Farm is where friendly animals love the attention given by curious children. Some of the beloved farm animals include tortoises, ducks, ponies, cows and goats. The Kids Park is also nearby and includes a sand pit and swings for toddlers to play.

Pizzart Caleta de Fuste has earned 5-star reviews for its generous portions of delicious authentic pizza and other gratifying meals at a reasonable price. Located on Antigua on the island of Fuerteventura, Pizzart features authentic Italian cuisine near the coast where sea views of the blue Atlantic Ocean add to the ambience.

Locally-made traditional crafts are featured at the Craft Museum in Betancuria. Artisans present pottery, embroidery, and weaved goods in the museum shop.

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We guarantee that no other rental company rents the a villa that you prefer at a price lower than our price.

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