If you would like to experience as much of Devon as possible during your holiday, a self catering holiday home is a really great base. Self catering holiday homes of this size cost significantly less than larger self catering holiday homes, giving you more money for the experiences that are most important on your holiday.

It is an extraordinary experience to holiday in a self catering holiday home with luxury features. Here, you have your very own swimming pool at your disposal that you can of course use whenever you want. Besides, the holiday experiences that await you around Devon are naturally easy to reach.

Self-drive holidays with your own car to your destination at Devon are ideal if excursions and experiences are near the top of your wish list. All you have to do is sit into your car and set off to have exactly the experiences you envision.

Tips for holiday experiences

The ancient voice of Devon located in the southwest of England beckons all holiday travelers to a world almost lost in the mists of time.

For a truly unique holiday in Devon, schedule an experience at the Yarak Birds of Prey. This authentic time with these delightful birds will stay in your memory forever.

The limestone cliffs that were mined to make many of England's cathedrals are located in the town of Beer. Not only does the village have a unique name, but the medieval-age tunnels are just as fascinating.

Lovers of the sea will adore the city of Plymouth in the English region of Devon. If the name rings a bell, you are correct. This is the port city that the Mayflower sailed from.

St. Nicholas Chapel and Lighthouse overlooking Ilfracombe Harbor has tons of astonishing views. It takes some doing, but the walk to the top is well worth the effort.

Perhaps one of Devon's most interesting spots is the Jurassic Coast. This unique area has been around since prehistoric times and has evolved greatly over the years. The Jurassic Coast has been a marsh, a desert, and an ocean. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an archeologist's dream; it's absolutely ridden with fossils.

For a delightful day of family-friendly fun, visit the Crealy Theme Park in Exeter. Lots of rides, plenty of games and attractions and, of course, enough carnival food to leave you completely satiated.

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