If you make the choice to go on holiday in your own car, you can choose freely and compile exactly the combination of experiences and excursions you are interested in.

A swimming pool is the utmost luxury if there is one in a self catering holiday home – and of course there will be one in the self catering holiday home you will book in the end.

Tips for holiday experiences

A family holiday in Albufeira, Portugal means a monumental vacation that you and your loved ones will remember forever.

You and your loved ones can view, study, and explore the waters of Albufeira both above the sea and below on an unforgettable glass bottom boat tour. The Oceaneye offers you sensational views of marine life, dolphins, coral, coves, caves, beaches, and more.

Close to Albufeira, the Cerro de Vila ruins feature remnants of two Roman villas and other traces ofthe Roman occupation of the Iberian peninsula.

You and your family can indulge in the delicacies of the region at one of the myriad of restaurants in the city or even embark on one of the many food tours available, for a truly unforgettable dining experience. Savor the aromas, tastes, and even sounds of the Albufeiran cuisine and enlighten your senses.

You can take it easy as you wander the local markets and see the traditional handcrafts that have decorated Albufeira for centuries. It's also a fantastic opportunity to take a physical part of your vacation home with you.

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All self catering holiday homes rented via Feline Holidays are covered by our price guarantee. We guarantee that no other rental company rents the a self catering holiday home that you prefer at a price lower than our price.

Simply, this means we guarantee that none of our competitors rent the a self catering holiday home you prefer at prices lower than our price.

However, if we do make a small mistake in our price monitoring, you will be reimbursed the entire price difference.We will quite simply lodge the credit directly to your account.

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