Having your own pool in the villa you chose is a first-class luxury. Temperatures there are tropical 365 days a year, and the kids will simply love having fun in your private swimming pool at any time.

Choose a villa with luxury features if you want a really special holiday. You have plenty of space both outside and inside, and it is quite simply a luxury to have your very own pool at your disposal.

Of course, you decide how you want to spend the time in your villa. All options are open. Naturally, it is totally up to you whether you are more interested in experiences and excursions or prefer to enjoy total relaxation at the villa.

Tips for holiday experiences

One of the reasons Crete’s beaches are so popular is that the waters are clear and clean.

Crete is captivating. Whether your family likes hiking, sightseeing, or parks, you can be as busy as you want to be during your visit to Crete.

Take a ferry ride from Crete to Santorini, Athens, or your choice of many other exciting cities.

Packed with so many things to do, if the beaches and entertainment venues do not keep you busy enough, consider touring archeological ruins and ancient villages.

Visualize your next vacation on the island of Crete where you will enjoy a myriad of activities and dining, shopping, and entertainment choices.

In addition to having the time of your life, learn fascinating facts about the Greek islands when you visit Crete.

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In the unexpected event that an error does occur in our monitoring of competitors’ prices, we will reimburse the entire price difference to you.The money will be credited directly to your account.

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