A villa is ideal when a combination of experiences and taking it easy is on your holiday wish list. In the villa, your time is entirely your own – and of course you alone decide how to use it.

A swimming pool is the utmost luxury if there is one in a villa – and of course there will be one in the villa you will book in the end.

Tips for holiday experiences

The lovely seaside city of Benalmadena has been welcoming holiday tourists and adventurers to the sunny shores of the southern Mediterranean Sea since the dawn of history.

Just minutes from Benalmadena lies the Bioparc Fuengirola. The theme of this park is respect for nature and feature grounds where the animals all live side-by-side in recreations of their natural habitats.

One of the best spots to see on holiday in Benalmadena is SeaLife Benalmadena. A marine life park which boasts the largest collection of seahorses on the entire Costa del Sol.

A modern castle built in the style of an authentic castle. The Castillo de Colomares is one of those unique attractions you simply must see on your Benalmadena holiday.

If scuba diving is part of your Benalmadena holiday plans, make sure you book a dive with Into the Blue Diving. Clean water, experienced dive masters and memories to last a lifetime.

If you’re looking to put some adventure in your holiday to Benalmadena, try Pirate Parasailing. Hovering over the beaches with the wind blowing through your hair is the thrill of a lifetime.

One of the surprises on your Benalmadena holiday is sure to be the Buddhist temple. Beautiful views, quiet serenity, and relaxing music, this is a different sort of holiday treat and is definitely worth visiting.

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In the unexpected event that an error does occur in our monitoring of competitors’ prices, we will reimburse the entire price difference to you.We will transfer the total credit straight to your account.

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