A luxury villa gives you optimal conditions to teach the youngest members of the family to swim. Here, there are no other swimmers splashing around in the water and screaming, and you can concentrate instead on their first attempts at swimming and really relax.

Tips for holiday experiences

Your holiday on Cyprus will give you chances to relax, but come prepared for pleasant surprises.

You can embark on a guided tour or safari through the Akamas Peninsula, or you can journey into the beautiful countryside on your own on one of the many nature paths and sites.

Konnos Bay will offer you a day filled with hiking through nature trails, lying on the serene beach sand, swimming in the warm, clear water, capturing unforgettable views of rock formations and landscapes, and more!

Play under the natural waterfalls of the Adonis Baths, and visit the nearby spa for mud therapy. You will also see statues of Greek gods and goddesses here.

Camel Park is a must-visit for families. One day is not even enough time to fully enjoy all it has to offer, from camel rides and pools, to playgrounds and other interesting animals.

Price guarantee - luxury villas cyprus for rent

Irrespective of the which kind of luxury villa you want to rent, the Feline Holidays price guarantee naturally applies to you.

Simply put, that means that we promise that none of our competitors rent the a luxury villa you prefer at prices better than our price.

In the unlikely event that a minor error occurs in our monitoring of the prices of other rental companies, we will reimburse the entire surplus.The amount will simply be paid directly to your account.

Customer service - luxury villas cyprus for rent

If you have questions about or special requirements for your search for "luxury villas cyprus for rent" simply contact us. Send an e-mail to info@feline-holidays.com or call: +45 8724 2252.

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