The dream of being able to spend time together and sharing wonderful experiences is close to coming true. With a holiday apartment as a base, your holiday time is completely your own and you can naturally use it exactly as you want.

You must not pass up the opportunity to spend a relaxing holiday far from your hectic everyday life just because your family includes pets. Here on Feline Holidays, you will find several apartments with space for pets.

Tips for holiday experiences

Sand and surf welcome visitors to this former fishing village in Portugal. The city of Albufeira has turned into a hot destination to spend a holiday.

Explore the treasures of the sea from a real pirate ship when you embark on a Leaozinho Pirate Ship Cruise from Albufeira. You and your family will experience a taste of real pirate life on this exciting and unforgettable adventure.

A sunset on the beach is breath taking, but a sunset from the sea is an entirely new experience. Enjoy a BBQ dinner on board a cruise to witness this absolutely magical vision of sunset.

Explore the local landscapes, caves, and fishing villages with a Lagos Sagres Tour for an unforgettable perspective of the culture.

Take leave of the coastal beaches in a Land Rover as you travel up to the high peaks of the nearby mountains on a sunset safari tour.

Take to the skies and soar like a bird on a parasailing trip along the mesmerizing coast of Albufeira. Available in single, double, and triple setting, a view from the sky is not a view that your likely to forget.

Price guarantee - pet friendly apartments in albufeira

If you decide to rent an apartment on Feline Holidays, of course our price guarantee applies for you.

Quite simply, that means we vouch that none of our competitors rent the an apartment you prefer at prices better than our price.

However, if we do make a small mistake in our price monitoring, you will be reimbursed the entire price difference.We will simply lodge the total directly to your account

Customer service - pet friendly apartments in albufeira

If you have any questions or particular requirements in the context of your search for "pet friendly apartments in albufeira" feel free to contact us. Send an e-mail to or call: +45 8724 2252.

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