It is purest luxury to rent a pool house where you yourself decide whether you want to swim your daily laps in peace and quiet, or whether you want to play ball and frolic around.

Tips for holiday experiences

The visitor to Greece has many unique opportunities as the country is considered the crossroads of Africa, Europe and Asia with each leaving its own mark.

If you see Petros the Pelican wandering around the street of Mykonos be sure to stop and pet him; he's extremely social and friendly.

In Olympia in the Peloponnese region of Greece you can see where the flame of the modern Olympics is lit each year in the ancient Temple of Hera.

Explore the old quarter of Corfu for a study in architecture of the Ionian islands.

Take the family for a canoe trip down the rivers of the Epirus region of Greece to see castles, churches, villages, and monasteries.

Try the seafood dishes in the former capital of Greece, Nafplion. This city has been shaped by Greek, Ottoman, and Byzantine influences.

See over 4,000 archeological finds from the Acropolis of Athens by visiting the Acropolis Museum.

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