Fuerteventura is a beautiful place to take a holiday. Here, you have time to unwind together and you can decide on exactly the experiences and excursions you feel like making.

If you rent a villa with a pool, you don’t need to worry about the weather and overcrowded beaches. And you don’t have to queue in an overcrowded swimming pool with your children or lie around like sardines either. Instead, you can float around in your very own pool and relax.

Tips for holiday experiences

A popular place for the entire family to visit on holiday, Fuerteventura features pristine shorelines, mesmerizing ocean views, and beaches made of soft white sand.

The Pegasus, the Great Andromeda Nebula, and the Cassiopeia are the three biggest constellations in the skies over Fuerteventura. Even on a night without moon light, stargazers who use binoculars can distinguish an outline of the Great Andromeda Nebula.

Walking is a fun way visitors can experience the beautiful scenic beaches and villages all around the island.

Snorkeling in the blue lagoons on the east coastal shorelines is a daily sight. A colorful and bright variety of fish species is unique to Fuerteventura including island groupers and parrot fish.

Moonlit horseback riding is a favorite activity in the village of Triquivajate on the island of Fuerteventura. A monthly six-hour ride across the rocky flat lands offered by a local stable caters to both beginners and advanced horseback riders.

The southern part of the island’s beach club, the Sotavento at Costa Calma holds world kite and windsurf competitions annually.

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We guarantee that no other rental company rents the a villa that you prefer at a price lower than our price.

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