Devon is an interesting place, and if you have your car with you, you have every opportunity to choose freely between the many leisure activities and excursion destinations in the vicinity of your chosen location.

The dream of being able to spend time together and sharing wonderful experiences is close to coming true. With a holiday apartment as a base, your holiday time is one hundred percent your own and you can naturally use it however you feel inclined.

Book an apartment by the beach, if a seaside holiday features prominently on your wish list.

If you choose an apartment by the beach, it will not only be easy to enjoy life on a towel on the warm sand. You can also simply stroll along the water’s edge in the evening and enjoy the wonderful view.

If you decide to rent an apartment by the beach, you can all look forward to a relaxing holiday and unwind by the water.

Tips for holiday experiences

From rocky cliffs dotted with fossils to the English Riviera, Devonshire is one of the most unique holiday destinations in Europe.

If rural, historic ruins excite you, look no further than the little town of Tavistock. This town in England's Devon region features the ruins of Bedford Square and Tavistock Abbey, along with a gothic-style town hall.

Devon is home to many beaches that you don't want to miss out on. From pebble-ridden shores to delightful sandy beaches, this English region makes the perfect vacation setting.

Arlington Court and the Carriage Museum are not to be missed on any Devon holiday. Perfectly preserved carriages and a wonderful tea room make for a lovely day trip.

For a delightful day of family-friendly fun, visit the Crealy Theme Park in Exeter. Lots of rides, plenty of games and attractions and, of course, enough carnival food to leave you completely satiated.

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