Algarve is a wonderful place to take a holiday. Here, the family has time to unwind with one another and you can choose exactly the experiences and excursions you fancy.

Large holiday homes are absolutely perfect when several families or other couples want to experience Algarve with one another. a villa for 12 people gives you lots of space for everyone.

Tips for holiday experiences

Make the Algarve your next vacation destination. In the south of Portugal, you can experience the maritime culture, contemporary style, and even echoes of ancient history.

Driving is the best way to explore the Algarve, but trains and buses run regularly to a few of the larger cities/towns.

You may have heard of "farm to table," but in the Algarve, you'll experience "sea to table" dining.

Street markets run year-round across the Algarve. These bustling and energetic centers are ideal for finding local ingredients, exotic souvenirs, unique antiques, and beautiful trinkets.

Consider heading to Vilamoura for a special night out. At the marina, visitors will have a wealth of dining options in front of them.

Faro and Albufeira are two of the best places in the Algarve for finding vegan cuisine.

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