The wooden Frigate Jylland in Ebeltoft
© Fregatten Jylland - Photo: Per Bille

The Frigate Jylland - Step Aboard History

When you step aboard the Frigate Jylland, you step aboard history. The 2nd Schleswig war of 1864 forever changed Denmark as a nation. Explore the ship which took part in the Battle of Heligoland and learn about life aboard the ship.

The wooden Frigate Jylland is one of the longest and most significant historic wooden ships in the world. Built in 1857-1860, it was both the first and last warship in the Danish navy with an originally inbuilt steam driven engine AND sails – a cutting edge hybrid of its time, superior in speed with its long and slender hull.

It survived 18 hits during the battle of Heligoland 1864 and worked as a royal ship, sailing King Christian IX to the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Saint Petersburg in 1874 and 1876. Since then, the old warship has functioned as lodging for soldiers and children of the rural districts of Denmark, as exhibition facilities of the National Exhibition of 1909 and others. Many times, it has faced the destruction of slow decay and being sold for scraps.

Thanks to ardent people, skilled craftsmen and generous foundations, the proud ship survived and now resides in its dry dock in Ebeltoft.

Bring your family, your dog, or your parrot! Everyone is welcome!

A family aboard the wooden Frigate Jylland in Ebeltoft
© Fregatten Jylland - Photo: Per Bille
Guided tour on the Frigate Jylland
© Fregatten Jylland - Photo: Per Bille
The royal drawing room on the Frigate Jylland
© Fregatten Jylland

Free Audioguide

THE FRIGATE RELATES, an audio guide about the harsh life aboard a 19th century warship told to you in the sailors’ own words.

Drawing on the museum’s collection of diaries, letters and memoirs from some of the men who served on the frigate Jylland, this audio guide brings you along to experience all of the great ship.

You’ll find the audio guide in the Useeum App, which is downloadable from both App Store and Google Play Store

“History made alive at Fregatten Jylland. It’s a great experience to visit [one of] the longest wooden ships in the World. Lots of exciting exhibits and various decks to explore. A must-do!” (TripAdvisor).

Opening hours and prices can be found on the Frigate Jylland website.

Cannon and bullets on the Frigate Jylland
© Fregatten Jylland - Photo: Per Bille
Cannon launch on the Frigate Jylland
© Fregatten Jylland
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