1. The best beaches in Malaga

    Malaga is renowned for its beautiful beaches, often characterized by golden sand, clear waters, and excellent amenities. Here are some of the most notable ones.
    Pedregalojo Beach, Malaga
  2. The Balcon de Europa

    The Balcon de Europa is one of the most iconic landmarks in Nerja, a small coastal town located in the Costa del Sol region of Spain. This viewing platform, whose name translates to "Balcony of Europe," provides breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding coastline.
    A view to Balcon de Europa
  3. The Caves of Nerja

    Visiting the Caves of Nerja is a must if you're in the area. The combination of natural beauty, historical importance, and cultural events make it a destination unlike any other.
    Cuevas de Nerja (Nerja Caves)
  4. Nerja or Cadiz?

    Are you looking for a relaxed, small-town beach holiday or do you perfer a combination of beach and city life, with more emphasis on history and culture?
    The northern part of Nerja beach
  5. Nerja or Granada?

    Deciding between Nerja and Granada again depends on what type of vacation experience you're looking for. Each city has its own unique charm and attractions.
    A view to Nerja with the Mediterranean Sea in the background
  6. Nerja or Ronda?

    Choosing between Nerja and Ronda largely depends on the kind of holiday you're seeking. Both are charming in their own right, but they offer very different experiences.
    Nerja beach
  7. Holiday rentals in Nerja

    Nerja is a picturesque coastal town on Spain's Costa del Sol, known for its breathtaking beaches, historical sites, delicious cuisine, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.
    The sun rises over Nerja
  8. Holiday rentals in Malaga

    Malaga is a beautiful city filled with attractions that cater to a wide variety of interests, from history and culture to nature and gastronomy.
    Malagueta Beach in Malaga
  9. Holiday rentals in Torremolinos

    Torremolinos, a popular holiday destination in Spain's Costa del Sol, offers a variety of experiences for visitors of all ages and interests. From beautiful beaches and a delicious cuisine to cultural attractions, there is much to see and do in Torremolinos.
    Summertime at one of Torremolino's beaches