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Visit Picturesque Brittany

Situated along the English Channel, Brittany is a distinctive region of France. It is known for its stone megaliths and well-preserved medieval history. The fact that its along the coast means this is a great region to explore with the entire family. Rent a holiday home in Brittany and discover everything this incredible region has to offer.

Visiting the village of Carnac is a great way to get a sense of this region's incredible history. Carnac is world famous for its prehistoric standing stones from the pre-Celts that used to inhabit the area.

The more than 3,000 stones date back to 4000 BCE and their original purpose is shrouded in mystery. These stones are the subject of many legends, with one claiming that Merlin turned a Roman legion to stone, which is why they stand in such straight lines. Visit the Museum of Prehistory to view one of the most comprehensive collections of prehistoric artifacts in Europe.

Nearby you will also several sheltered beaches, which are incredibly popular destinations for families. These beaches feature children's activities and are perfect for spending an afternoon relaxing and taking a scenic stroll. 

Visit the town of Dinan to get a sense of what medieval France was like. This town is by the river and is incredibly preserved thanks to the fact it avoided the bombings in World War II. Designated as a Ville d’Art et d’Histoire, or "Town of Art and History", you don't need to worry about visiting museums as the town itself is such a pleasure to explore. You can also find local artists and food on at the market in the town square on Thursday mornings. 

Visit Château de Fougères, one of Europe's oldest fortresses. With an incredible view of the countryside, imaginations can't help but run wild amid its ramparts and turrets that are begging to be explored. This is a great way to unwind for an afternoon as you can take the tour at your own pace with the free audio guide. 

To learn more about the area's history, don't hesitate to visit the Village de Poul Fetan. The village is situated near the River Blavet, and with its farms and thatched roofs, you will truly feel like you ventured into the past. Discover what life was like in the 19th century with various workshops and demonstrations which include pottery, butter making and wool-spinning. 

Brittany's family-friendly activities aren't just rooted in the prehistoric past. The Cité des Télécoms makes for a perfect educational destination. This impressive telecommunications center is a great place to learn about the history of the subject from Morse code to the most advanced satellites of today. Brittany also is the home of one of Europe's largest planetariums, the Planétarium de Bretagne. There are special shows which are more kid-oriented, so be sure to check out the schedule. 

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