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Experiencing Catalonia, Spain

Considering traveling to Catalonia with your family? Catalonia is a beautiful region in Spain that includes the historic city of Barcelona, so we don't really blame you if you're considering spending some time here. Here are some must-see things that might just convince you to rent a Holiday home in Catalonia. 

We already mentioned Barcelona earlier, but it's such a gorgeous city that it really deserves its own entry. The second largest metropolitan city in all of Europe, Barcelona is a center for arts and culture.

Anyone with even a passing interest in architecture will have heard of the buildings designed by Gaudi. The organic and surreal atmosphere of his buildings are sure to linger in your mind for days after you've seen them. Looking for a place to shop and enjoy famous landmarks? Look no further than La Rambla, a famous street lined with trees and stores. With art exhibits, delicious food and huge celebrations, Barcelona is sure to occupy much of your time. 

Looking to have some fun on the beach? Catalonia has more than enough gorgeous coastal landscapes to satisfy your needs. Catalonia's beaches are pristine and always a joy to visit. With its mild Mediterranean climate, there is never a reason not go to the beach while you're in Catalonia. Expect gorgeous blue water and sun-soaked sand in the summer. 

Looking for something a bit colder than the beach? Worry not, Catalonia has the place for you. Just take a trip to the Pyrenees and have a fun time skiing in the snow. You can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding woods while sipping on a hot beverage. If this sounds like a great time to you, then you needn't look any further than Catalonia. 

Want to come to Catalonia for a special event and memories that will last you a lifetime? Then come in late September, when the celebrations of La Merce begin all across Catalonia! What is La Merce, you ask? Well, it's a week-long festival honoring the Virgin of Grace. Expect to see parades, dances, papier mache "giants" and other festivities unique to the Catalan culture. There's also a chance you'll get to see a "Casteller", which is a huge tower made of people standing atop one another to form the shape of a castle. This is truly a unique experience that you can't miss, so don't delay in making your plans! 

Enjoy eating delicious, healthy dishes? Want to experience a different culture's take on certain foods? Catalonia has you covered. With many dishes unique to the region, Catalonia's food is as unique as it is healthy and delicious. You will be sure to bring some recipes back home.

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Choose among 2,661 holiday homes

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