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Go on a Napoleonic Adventure in Corsica

Although officially a part of France, the Mediterranean island of Corsica has always had a fiercely independent spirit. Known for its rugged mountains, beautiful beaches, and countless historical treasures, Corsica has plenty to offer adventurous tourists. Definitely consider renting a holiday home in Corsica to better explore this island with your family. 

An important stop on any tour of Corsica is the southern city of Ajaccio. Besides its status as a major port city, Ajaccio was the birthplace of one of world history’s greatest leaders: Napoleon Bonaparte. The best place to learn about Napoleon’s upbringing, of course, is at Napoleon’s Birthplace & Museum. Another important attraction in Ajaccio with a connection to Napoleon is the Musée Fesch, which houses many rare Italian paintings collected by Napoleon’s uncle Joseph Fesch. 

A two-hour drive south of Ajaccio is another famous Corsican city called Bonifacio. The must-see attraction in Bonifacio is the eye-catching Citadel. Originally built in the 9th century, this Citadel offers exquisite views of the city and nearby limestone cliffs. In and around the Citadel you’ll find impressive architecture, especially from the Gothic era.

Bonifacio also has many beautiful beaches including the Plage de Canetto, Plage du Petit Sperone, and the Plage de Balistra. 

Just like Bonifacio’s Citadel, the Chapelle de Notre-Dame de la Serra in Calvi is a phenomenal attraction for people looking for superb views and historical architecture.

Situated in the northwest of Corsica, the Chapelle de Notre-Dame de la Serra has the best views of the Reginu Valley and the Bay of Calvi. Although the church you see today was built in the 19th century, there has been a church at this location since at least the 1740s. Be sure to visit this church’s famed bell tower before leaving! 

Another lovely port city in Corsica is Bastia. Situated on the north of the island, Bastia has a lovely Old Port area with plenty of churches and museums to explore. With its two imposing towers, the most prominent cathedral in the city is dedicated to St. John the Baptist. Other important sites include the Church of Santa-Maria, the Citadel, and the Place du Donjon. 

Outdoorsy families visiting Corsica should plan a trip to the western Scandola Nature Reserve. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Scandola Nature Reserve measures about 8 square miles and includes many impressive red cliffs, tiny islands, and beaches. Corsica has plenty of sites for people interested in nature, history, and arts.

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