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Sunbathe at Your Holiday Home in Costa Blanca

Spain’s Costa Blanca (“White Coast”) is a beach lover’s dream destination. Measuring about 120 miles along Spain’s southeastern coast, Costa Blanca attracts thousands of families and couples that are looking to have fun in the sun. A holiday home in Costa Blanca will allow you and your family to easily explore everything this magical coastline has to offer. 

Costa Blanca is officially considered a part of the Alicante province, which is a part of the greater Valencian Community. From north to south, some of the major cities to visit along the Costa Blanca include Dénia, Xàbiz, Moraira, Calp, Alicante, Elche, and Torrevieja. 

Usually, tourism experts divide Costa Blanca in half between its northern and southern portions. North Costa Blanca is known as “Marina Alta” and is known for its charming seaside towns and smaller resorts. By contrast, south Costa Blanca (aka “Marina Bajo”) is more tourist-friendly and has some of the bigger resorts in the region. 

Besides its well-maintained white sand beaches, Costa Blanca has many other natural wonders for guests to explore. For instance, the 2,750-foot tall Montgó Massif offers hikers impressive views of the surrounding area. Located near Dénia, this mountain is also well known for its fascinating flora and fauna. 

Another natural wonder on Costa Blanca is located in the city of Elche. In Elche, visitors can tour the only palm groves in Europe. Amazingly, these palm groves are the largest on earth and have been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. Besides its natural wonders, Elche has many cultural gems including the Palacio de Altamira, the Museo Arqueològico y de Historia de Elche, Arab Baths, and the Basilica de Santa Maria. 

The southern city of Torrevieja holds the title for welcoming the most foreign tourists in Costa Blanca. About 20 miles south of Elche, Torrevieja has some of the best travel infrastructure on Costa Blanca. After enjoying Torrevieja’s lovely coastline, be sure to tour the city’s Museum of the Sea and Salt, numerous shopping districts, and a submarine at the Elche Floating Museum. 

Another touristy city in Costa Blanca is Alicante, which is about an hour’s drive north of Torrevieja. Alicante’s most popular beach is called the Playa de Postiguet, but some tourists prefer Playa de San Juan. For tourists who want a more secluded beach-going experience, consider visiting Playa del Saladar or the Playa de los Arenales. 

With a history dating back at least to Roman times, there are plenty of impressive historical sites to tour while in Alicante. Some of the most popular draws with international tourists include the massive Castle of Santa Barbara, the Basilica of Santa Maria, and the Lucentum Archeological Site.

Alicante also hosts some of Costa Blanca’s most popular annual festivals, including the Carnival before Lent, the Bonfires of Saint John on June 23rd, and the Pilgrimage of Santa Faz on the second Thursday after Good Friday.

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