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Ireland Offers History, Myth and Adventure

Ireland is an appealing holiday destination for any family. The island has a mild climate, historic architecture and beautiful vistas. The array of events and activities available ensures that every visitor will enjoy their stay on the Emerald Isle. 

The Cliffs of Mohar near Liscannor village have a rugged mystical beauty. The spot is the most popular natural site in the country because its stupendous scenery makes it a must-see.

Walking trails enable multiple awe-inspiring views. Another example of the beauty and wonder of Ireland is the national nature reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Giant’s Causeway. Scientists claim that the stone is the result of cooling volcanic basalt, but storytellers know that the causeway was constructed by Fionn mac Cumhail. Tales of the Irish giant give him credit for the causeway as he sought a path to Scotland over the North Channel. 

Architecture in Ireland includes dark castles steeped in mystery and preserved ancient sites. Blarney Castle allows visitors the chance to see the most famous limestone rock in the world. The Blarney Stone dates to the 13th century and is said to make anyone that kisses it an eloquent speaker. The Newgrange passage tomb is now known to be an ancient temple over 5,000 years old. The circular mound is older than Stonehenge and megalithic art still decorates the kerbstones that mark its perimeter. 

Festivals offer a wonderful opportunity for visitors that need to decide when to visit Ireland. Travelers can choose a nearby holiday home in Ireland for convenience to a festival and use the home as a base for their other adventures. Annual festivals include the Cork Jazz Festival in October, the Dublin Writer’s Festival in May and the July Galway races are just a few of the options. Art lovers, opera fans and farmers also have festivals dedicated to their passions. 

Visitors can learn all the secrets of Ireland through the many museums found in the country. The National Museum of Ireland includes three branches in the city of Dublin and one in County Mayo dedicated to rural life. Ireland’s geological, cultural and art history are explained in these impressive facilities. Art museums include examples like the Hunt Museum in Limerick and The Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin. The story of the Irish Famine and a spot to honor Irish Whisky are just two of the other locations to explore. 

Hiking and cycling trails, beaches, and bucolic rural scenery enable people to enjoy the outdoors no matter where they stay. Outdoor companies offer kayak trips and chartered fishing trips along with much more. 

Ireland is easy to see by bus or private car with numerous tourist centers to help guide visitors to their destinations or inform them of even more opportunities. Ireland is considered a small country, but most guests discover that there is so much to do and see that a second trip becomes a necessity.

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