About Blokhus Feriecenter
Enjoy the summer on the hotel Danland the West Coast's most famous resort town Blokhus. Go to strøgtur with sidewalk cafes and summer shops and discover the city wonderful restaurants. Log cabin at least as attractive outside summer, when the leaves fall, and the city gearing down to a more sedate pace where there is more space in the stores and in the cozy restaurants and cafes. Just outside the hotel stretches Northern Europe's best beach from Rødhus in the south to loop in the north. From the hotel you can enjoy a fantastic view in addition to the impressive sea. Behind the dunes lies a magnificent plantation landscape that is perfect for family hikes.

Holiday highlight is the subtropical water. Here you can frolic in waves, no matter what the weather has to offer. Feel the rush of the big waterslide, swim some courses in the exercise pool or relax in spa pool, sauna, solarium or at the pool bar. All apartments have a balcony or terrace, while a large part of the 2-bedroom apartments natural views.

Penetrates muscles to tighten up, or do you just want to clean relaxation and pampering, so you can both share in the holiday center fitness and wellness area.

Note - Since all the houses have individual owners can furnishings and equipment vary from house to house. They knew images reflect Not all the houses interior design and decoration.


Badeland with:
- Water Chute
- Spa
- Sauna
- Solarium *
- Wellness m spas *
- Turkish steam bath *
Fitness with spinning *
Strength *
Cafe and bar
Billiards *
Children's pool
Internet in all apartments *
Slots *
Restaurant *
Laundry *

NOTICE: The outdoor pool is not heated and only available from mid june – mid august.
Beach volleyball
Mini Golf *
Viking Games

The area
Shopping: 100 m
Beach: 50 m
Center: Blokhus 100 m

* For an additional fee

The area around Blokhus Feriecenter
Danland Blokhus offers many activities both in and around center. There is, for example. only 5 km to Fårup Summerland and Aqua Park, where family can enjoy themselves in the moon-cars, speedboats, the Mini-Express or Colorado River! Or why not take your family on a shopping trip to lively Aalborg, which is largely achieved its popular reputation due many cultural attractions and lively atmosphere. By leaving the excursion go to North Sea Museum in Hirtshals, you can experience how saltwater aquariums and sælbassiner gives a glimpse of life below sea level in the North Sea. Just south of Lønstrup is the small, tower solve church Mårup. At the gable of the old church stands a giant anchor from a British frigate which sank in 1808. Since the church was built, was the 2 km from the sea constantly eats into the church. Today, only a few meters separating Mårup Church from slope.

Oceanarium in North
Discover Northern Europe's largest aquarium in the Oceanarium in North Jutland. Here you can explore the marine life and see more than 70 different species in the 5 large aquariums and 40 smaller aquariums. Meet inter alia sunfish, seals and shoals of other interesting fish. Oceanarium is central Jutland and only 45 minutes from Skagen and Aalborg.
Will Mosevej 2 · DK-9850 Hirshals · +45 98 94 41 88 · www.nordsoenoceanarium.dk






Aalborg Zoo
Aalborg Zoo is located near the center of Aalborg and is one of Denmark's largest zoos. Visit the garden and discover over 130 different animal species.
Mill Parkvej 63 · DK-9000 Aalborg · +45 96 31 29 29 · www.aalborgzoo.dk




Skagen City and District Museum
Combined outdoor and exhibition museum with a focus on Skagen area's cultural history. Visit the rich and the poor fisherman's houses, experience special collections on fishing, emergency service and shipping. In "Try-it-yourself house" can for playing and learning into the story, try "Dress-out-corner" and "Cutting Corner". During the summer activities both at the museum, in the smithy and with museum cutter "Hansa", where Skagen and branch can be seen from the sea. Exciting high-quality viewing on a child-and family-friendly museum entirely on top. Open all year.
PK Nielsen path 8-10 · DK-9990 Skagen · +45 98 44 47 60 · www.skagen-bymus.dk

Hirtshals Fun Park - children's paradise
33 acres rural nature area with wildlife observation under free conditions including red deer, fallow deer, horses, donkeys, ash bears, foxes, etc. Indian camp m Campfire tipis, archery etc. Large playground with seesaws, swings, mini golf and inflatables. Opening Season: April to September!
Minkvej 10 · 9850 Hirtshals · +45 40 32 47 32 · www.Fun-park.dk

Geocoaching - skattjagt for large and small
In Jammerbugten you will find 14 treasures that are just about to go to. The has become even more fun to explore nature together. With the so-called geocoaching handed some coordinates via GPS leads you to hidden "treasures". All coordinates and a brief description of the field, the charge Located in, found in a folder, "Geocoaching in Jammerbugten", available at Visit Jammerbugt in Blokhus, where it is also against the deposit will be possible to borrow a GPS.

Visit Børglum, Santa's workshop and film scenes of the Old Forge and see how TV2's Advent calendar in 2011, Ludwig & Santa Claus is recorded. Børglum was originally a Viking royal estate derived from the beginning of the 12 century. The monastery became a cathedral around the year 1060 and belonged to the Premonstratensian (white brothers) until the Reformation in The 1536th At the Reformation the abbey was the noble men and clerics. The last Catholic bishop was Bad Krumpen. In 1669 the monastery was transferred to private ownership to Peter Reedtz and since 1835, the abbey has been in the family Rottbøll own.

Santa's Workshop, backdrop for TV Advent Calendar Ludwig & Santa Claus is been purchased by Hjørring municipality and set on Børglum where it can visited all year round
Børglum Klostervej 255 B · 9760 Børglum, Vrå · +45 98 99 40 11 · www.boerglumkloster.dk

Fårup Summerland
Summerland is entertainment for the whole family and is two years in a row been named the world's third best family park. Here, children amusement park for the at least, wild slides to the major and a soaking wet Aqua Park for all water dogs. The wildest roller coaster is lightning that accelerates from 0-80 km / h at 2 seconds, then I will be sent around at breakneck loops and corkscrew turns. Try also Denmark's longest trærutsjebane, Falken. Here comes you up in seventh floor level and is shot off. In Children Tivoli's carousels, teacups and other more quiet rides. Once you have paid you can take all the trips you want.
Pirupvejen 147 · 9493 Saltum · +45 98 88 16 00 · www.Faarupsommerland.dk


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    Golf course
    4 km
    100 m
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    2 km
    500 m
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    Non smoking hotel
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    Fitness centre
    Swimming pool - indoor
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    Indoor waterpark