If you can rent an accommodation for a long-term stay in a warmer part of the world, then make the most of this opportunity. Make your dream of sunshine, heat and palm trees come true.

Don’t forget: You can book an accommodation directly via the Internet at any time for up to 35 days. If you want to stay longer, please contact us. We will be happy to help you create a tailored solution for the long-term rental that is customised to fulfil your wishes precisely.

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A holiday accommodation is just the right base if you are planning to experience Hungary. If you select a holiday accommodation as a base for your holiday, you can look forward to a great blend of experiences, excursions, time to enjoy one another’s company and true relaxation in your selected holiday accommodation.

Naturally, you yourself determine how to use the time in the holiday accommodation you rented.

You certainly aren’t doing anything wrong if you choose to book a holiday accommodation as a base for the family holiday. Hungary is a beautiful place to take a holiday.

Here, you have time to relax together, you can unwind together and choose exactly the experiences and excursions you feel like taking. The dream of spending time together and sharing wonderful experiences will soon come true. With a holiday accommodation as a base, a hundred percent of your holiday time is yours and of course you can use it precisely as you wish.

Tips for holiday experiences

If you are hungry for a great vacation, Hungary can satisfy your family with its great cuisine, such as its goulash beef stew and its plethora of family-friendly entertainment offerings.

If your family likes model trains, they will likely love Budapest’s Miniversum, a children’s museum with 5,000 miniature figures, 1,300 meters of track, 600 buildings, 100 trains and 14 towns.

If you like hiking and cave-exploring, visit the Aggteleki Nemzeti Park, home of the Aggtelek Caves, in Igazgatóság, which offers cave tours, hiking, bicycling and canoeing; the caves have enormous stalactites and some relics over 2-million years old.

Tropicarium Budapest is an aquarium that features sea creatures from all over the world, reptiles, exotic birds, insects and monkeys.

Annagora Aquapark, in Balatonfüreds, is a water park with heated indoor and outdoor pools, children’s pools, 12 giant water slides, three children’s water slides and the second largest wave pool in Hungary.

The Balaton Museum, in Keszthely, offers serious natural and cultural exhibits for adults, and a play corner, interactive games and special programs for children.

Sóstó Zoo, in Nyíregyháza, is home to over 5,000 animals from 500 species and has its own hotel, Hotel Jungle; the Sóstó Zoo was voted best zoo in Europe in 2018 by Szabolcs Online.

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If you decide to book an accommodation on Feline Holidays, our price guarantee naturally applies for you.

Simply, this means we guarantee that none of our competitors rent the an accommodation you prefer at prices lower than our price.

However, if we do make a small mistake in our price monitoring, you will be reimbursed the entire price difference.We will simply pay the money to your account.

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