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Lake Balaton is a Land of Fairytale Palaces

Lake Balaton in Hungary is well known for its remarkable beauty, It is considered to be the Hungarian inner sea and has a combination of medieval castles and underwater cave galleries. Some of the best attractions for families to see while at a holiday home at Lake Balaton are some of the oldest. 

Szigliget Fortress is on the northern shores in the town of the same name. It sits on the Varhegy hill and includes the Castle of Szigliget. The Benedictine order built the fortress sometime in the 13th century. While the castle is mostly ruins today, the history and might of the entire area are something to experience with your family. Plus, there is a play area at the bottom of the castle for kids who need activity. The area includes a turning toy and a colorful swing. 

Tihany Town is the perfect place for children interested in medieval history. It is the region's oldest medieval town and its location overlooks the entire lake valley. The town includes the Baroque abbey, which was constructed on top of the old medieval castle and the original monastery. King Andrew I of Hungary founded the monastery. The area also has a royal crypt, cobblestone streets, and brick towers. 

This Baroque palace is what the Festetics family called home in the 1700s. The monumental structure is filled with French-inspired richness and includes 34 rooms, the country's biggest intact library, gardens with flowerbeds and gardens. It is a regal spot to take children who wonder what living like royalty was like in days past. 

The Veszprem Zoo is one of the most highly ranked tourist attractions in the area. It is only 15 km from Lake Balaton and is the perfect outlet for children. It has giraffes, rhinos and elephants and there are feeding stations where children can feed the animals! There are also petting pens and organised events for everyone to enjoy. There are also areas for children to play. The zoon has a large playground and an area called Dinosauras Park. 

There are boat tours into the caves that everyone can enjoy. The rides don't require a lot of boating, rowing or kayaking experience, but do have some low overhangs where visitors will need to duck and there are some narrow sections, so those who fear tight spaces may not enjoy it. There are audio guides available for an additional cost. 

This is a highly educational experience that teaches about geology and biology. It also includes pictures from other sites that are best viewed with 3D-glasses given to you at the beginning of your tour. The boat tour isn't long, as most of the caves are underwater but well worth the time. 

Families can find history, fun, and nature in a Lake Balaton holiday. It is a trip of culture and adventure your children will enjoy and talk about for years to come.

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