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Fall in Love with Hungary

Hungary is a wonderful nation to sightsee in, as it offers one of the richest architectural traditions in the world.

You can find Roman era ruins scattered across the nation from its days as a province in the empire, and the influence of German rule during the days of the Holy Roman Empire and Turkish power at the middle of the second millennium leaves its own mark. 

Take a trip to locations like Lake Balaton and The Caves of Lillafüred. Budapest itself can be considered the gemstone of Eastern Europe, and perhaps the most beautiful city east of Venice

Budapest is the city that comes to mind first to sightsee in; the beautiful center stretches on much further than you'd expect, and it's marked by all sorts of historic buildings, such as the magnificent Buda Castle and the symbolic power expressed by the Parliament Building.

The Parliament Building reaches further into the sky than the Buda Castle, and this was by design. It's a reminder of the battle waged between monarchists and democratic forces, with the victory of democracy symbolized by the height and majesty of the Parliament. 

Explore Sopron; a smaller city that's close to the Austrian border, it's renowned for the incredible cultural heritage that it represents. It's almost symbolic of Hungary's unique, embattled history, with a city center founded on Roman settlement walls and filled with buildings dating back to the Middle Ages, with unpredictable little touches left by the generations and the conquerors who passed through the historic town. 

Just outside Budapest, the rolling, forested Buda Hills offer ample opportunity for nature walks with the whole family. Bike rentals are plentiful, too, and there are trails for cyclists and pedestrians alike. It also overlooks the Danube, the greatest river west of Russia; it almost exudes a calming effect, to just sit out over the waters and watch the boats go by, or to have a picnic with friends and family in the many suitable riverside locations. 

Traveling a bit further from Budapest, Lake Balaton is a hotspot for all sorts of travelers and for those on holiday. It's the largest lake in Central Europe, and it's a great location to swim or bask in the sun when summer rolls around. 

But it's not the most fun you can have in the water, in Hungary; Hungary is renowned for its number of spas and their healing qualities. As long ago as the Roman era, Hungary was valued for its innumerable thermal springs, which maintain warm temperatures year round. Now, they can offer a great vacation benefit to your family, whether you'd like to take your holiday in winter, summer, spring or autumn.

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