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Amsterdam: Full of Fun Activities

Amsterdam was founded on the northwestern peninsula of Holland. The city's history dates back to the 12th century when it began as a village along the Amstel River.

The seaport city has more than 60 miles of inland canals. Cruising along the river is quite popular. There are numerous museums and historic locations to visit. 

Guests with a penchant for history and the macabre make a point of visiting the Amsterdam Dungeon. Here, visitors get a glimpse of law enforcement and justice that was once commonplace 500 years ago. Costumed actors portray law enforcement officials, court justices, torture specialists and criminals. All put on a gruesome display that challenges the senses. 

Feline lovers enjoy touring the Kattenkabinet museum that is entirely dedicated to cats. The facility offers a look at the role cats play in art, culture and history. Exhibits include a large selection of paintings, posters, sculptures and other feline-related items. There are also friendly-live felines waiting to greet guests. 

Art lovers venture to the Rijksmuseum, which houses a vast collection of artifacts and artworks. The facility takes a look at 800 years of world history through painting, sculptures and other works created by an array of Dutch artists that include Rembrandt and Van Gogh among others. The expansive manicured gardens also welcome visitors to take a pleasant stroll where sculptures await. The Van Gogh Museum provides onlookers with the opportunity to see the largest collection of the master's works in the world. 

Step back in history and imagine life during the 13th century when visiting the fairy tale Muiderslot Castle. The massive stone fortress includes a drawbridge, five towers, a moat and battlements. The famous location has been featured in a number of TV shows. Tour guides take guests through the complex to see the décor, furnishings and other historic items housed in the castle. 

Amsterdam is full of activities for children. Make a trip to the Amsterdam Marionette Theatre that presents shows portrayed by traditional costumed wooden performers. The Theater De Krakeling is another option. The venue offers dance, music and puppet performances geared especially to children.

The Koos Kneus puppet theatre offers old-fashioned puppet shows to the delight of youngsters. There are a number of petting zoos located throughout the city. Little ones have the chance to interact with many different domesticated animals. 

Amsterdam is a bike-friendly city with more than 800,000 bikes used daily. Rent a bike and tour different areas of the city. Cycle along the peaceful waterfront. Visit the galleries, shops and gardens found in the Jordaan neighborhood. The 9th Streets are renowned for their shopping opportunities. 

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    At Feline you will always find the largest selection of beautifully situated holiday homes Netherlands. Easy and safe booking online. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
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