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A Home Away from Home in the Netherlands

There’s a distinct sense of romance and wonder that draws many to visit this captivating country. Perhaps it’s the beautiful architecture, the quaint cafes throughout the cities, or the rolling meadows that capture the hearts and imagination of many. Read on to discover the charm and wonder of the Netherlands. 

We begin our tour of the country in its capital, Amsterdam - home to the Van Gogh Museum. This landmark houses beautiful creations from the likes of artists such as Rembrandt and Vermeer. In addition to this, the city boasts a rich history, being the location where Ann Frank hid during the Second World War. 

As one travels the cobblestone roads within, it’s hard not to be captivated by the old-world charm of this town. To add to this ambiance are many cute cafes as well. These hideaways offer not only tasty drinks but also are social hubs where both visitors and locals can rub shoulders and connect in an age-old fashion that is all but lost in our current digital age.

Alternatively, for a unique experience, a boat can be hired to travel through the waterways and see the sights in style. If though, someone where to find the capital too busy, the nearby city of Utrecht offers a similar beauty without the hustle and bustle. 

Outside of the cities, the surrounding countryside offers a more relaxed and easygoing diversion. Travel to the North in April and May to see the beautiful tulips in bloom, and along the way rent a bike to explore the landscape at a leisurely pace.

Then later when the sun is high and the wind is warm, there are many beaches nearby to enjoy. A favorite among locals and travelers is Schiermonnikoog on the North Sea. It features beautiful dunes to take in as well as shallow water that’s great for swimming. 

In addition to this, Madurodam is perfect for those with kids. Not only because it offers the fun of an amusement park, but also because it blends in the local and cultural aesthetic of the country. All in miniature! That means everyone will feel like a giant while enjoying the sights of the windmills, train stations, and buildings that make up the fabric of the country.

Along the way, this land also offers its own version of mini golf called Farmers Golf. In this version, the club becomes a Clog on the end of a stick, the ball becomes a little bigger, and the spectators become sheep! This is a game that is not to be missed. 

As can be seen, this is a country rich in history and full of culture. Not to be underestimated though is the forward-thinking nature of the people who live there. People who hold tradition in their hearts while seeking progress with their minds. By renting a holiday home in the Netherlands you feel like a local.

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