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South Holland - Windmills to Castles

Resting against the North Sea is a great holiday experience for families in South Holland.

There are plenty of things for both adults and kids to do in this beautiful seaside harbor. From historical buildings to old-time agriculture, South Holland gives the family a little bit of everything. 

The Hague in South Holland includes several different attractions with shops, restaurants, and museums. This historical building has some of the most creative architectural designs in the world with historical buildings, palaces, and parks for the family to enjoy.

The Madurodam is a miniature city inside the Hague that tells the story of Holland in just a few hours. When the kids are ready for a break from site seeing, the Drievliet is an amusement park that the whole family can enjoy. 

Rotterdam is a young and vibrant city for a holiday home in South Holland. Take a waterbus to cross the waters of Rotterdam and enjoy scenic views of the city. And for an aerial perspective, you can see almost all of Rotterdam from the Euromast, which stands over 600 feet in the air.

One can also take a trip to the Rotterdam Zoo Blijdorp to see some of the wild animals from around the world. For the sports enthusiast, you may want to check out the De Kuip, which was opened in 1937 and is considered one of the most beautiful stadiums not only in Holland but all of Europe. There are also plenty of opportunities to get some shopping done in Rotterdam from art to fashion to local produce. 

When visiting historical European towns, many will want to see the castles in the area, and South Holland has several to choose from. One can check out the Villa Eikenhorst where King Williem-Alexander and Queen Maxima live with their family. For a more historical feel, you can visit the Keukenhof Castle and its gardens from the Dutch Golden Age. The Duivenvoorde Castle and Noordeinde Palace are two other unique buildings to visit in South Holland. 

Being on the coast, there are several great places to relax and visit near the waters in South Holland. The Scheveningen has one of the most popular beaches in South Holland with a wide boulevard and beach pavilions. There are plenty of activities there as one can go for beautiful hikes, try their luck at surfing, or play on one of the many beach volleyball courts. 

Windmills are a huge part of Holland's history, and in South Holland you can get a great taste of this and more from the six-day 'Windmills and Pastures Tour'. This cycling tour takes you through the Kinderdijk windmills, which features a number of wind and watermills. One will also ride past castles and mansions while enjoying scenic views of the Dutch landscape.

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