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Aquitaine is the Perfect Place for your next Holiday

Looking for the ultimate French holiday for your family? Look no further than Aquitaine, France 

With its mild, sunny climate and ideal location, the Aquitaine, situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountains, is the ideal alternative to busy Paris or Nice. 

Perhaps no area of France offers a wider selection of wineries, Michelin rated restaurants, spas, mountains, historic caves, forests, lakes, and surfing beaches than the Aquitaine. In short, there is so much to do that you and your loved ones will never get bored. 

Wait till you get a look at the Place de la Bourse building in Bordeaux, particularly at night. Thanks to a thin layer of water, when illuminated, it provides an awe-inspiring, spectacular view you'll not soon forget. And during the day there are daytrips trips galore to delight the family. 

Fancy beaches? The Aquitaine has nearly 270 miles of coastline. And the beaches are marvelous for water sports such as surfing, body boarding or kite surfing. 

And these beaches are clean and safe for the entire family. This is not backpacker land. And if you just want to relax and listen to the surf while you bake your body, the Aquitaine has you covered. 

A must see are some of the caves in the area, particularly the Grotte de La Verna in Saint-Engrace. Described as the largest cavern in the world accessible to the public, the overwhelmingly positive reviews on sites such as Trip Advisor say it all. Kids just dig this cave, and if you go there, you'll find out why. 

Finally, there are the Pyrenees mountain areas. The charm of this region cannot remain unappreciated. Although considered rustic by some comparing it with the Alps, therein lies its charm. Hiking, horse trekking, skiing, fishing, bird watching, golf, and cycling tours are just a few of the activities for you and your family. And it’s all in an area that does not have that touristy feel. 

So how do you get to the Aquitaine? The most popular way is to either fly to Bordeaux from Paris or take a train. There are other routes to travel, but Bordeaux is the main gateway to the Aquitaine. And for a cheap bargain, consider the train. It's a relatively cheap and painless alternative to flying, and the trip, which takes a few hours, can be very relaxing. 

Undoubtedly, there are many choices when it comes to accommodation. But consider the privacy and sheer luxurious holiday feel of a holiday home in Aquitaine. Our holiday homes offer all the comforts of home. We make it easy, comfortable and fun.

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Choose among 1,345 holiday homes

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