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Holiday Home in Barcelona Makes Family Travel Affordable

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most visually appealing cities. Renowned architect Antoni Gaudi designed several areas using his modern, artistic style while several Spanish artists including Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro left behind a number of their treasured pieces at museums around Barcelona. 

When traveling to Spain with your family, consider getting a holiday home in Barcelona. The city has plenty of family-friendly activities. By bringing your kids to Barcelona, you’ll have the chance to show them the city’s unique culture. 

Take your kids for a stroll down Las Ramblas. This famous, touristy street stretches from Placa de Catalunya to Barcelona’s harbor. During your walk, you and your kids will wander past souvenir stands, the famed Boqueria Market and live human statues. The street is perfect for people-watching, and it’s a great place to start your holiday. 

Include a trip to Tibidabo on your Barcelona travel itinerary. Tibidabo is an amazing amusement park, one that’s located at the top of a mountain. It overlooks the city, which makes it worthwhile to visit if only to take in the majestic view. At the top, you can visit one of Spain’s beautiful cathedrals and dine at the large outdoor café. The amusement park spans three to four stories, and it stretches down the mountain. It is perfect for younger kids, and it has a thrilling roller coaster. 

Flowing from the National Museum of Art of Catalunya, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic is a picturesque sight. It doesn’t run from Monday to Wednesday, so plan accordingly. The walk to the top is a steep climb, but there are escalators to help you along the way. Once you reach the top, head to the balcony to gain an impressive view. Street musicians are often playing, and there is a snack bar if you and the kids get hungry. 

For a change of pace, visit Parc Guell. Located in a hilly section toward the north of Barcelona, the park is an area where architect Gaudi built some of his great work. You’ll see pieces throughout the park. Wander around admiring it while your kids burn off some energy on the playground areas. To get there, take the Metro and get off at the Vallacara stop. From there, the park is just a 15-minute walk. 

Introduce your family to flamenco at the Placa Reial. Take them to dinner at one of the area’s restaurants. Then, let the kids explore before heading to the 30-minute flamenco show at Los Torantos. 

By getting a holiday home in Barcelona, you’ll have a base for you and your family, a place to rest and relax when the city feels a little too busy. Stop by one of the outdoor markets and cook dinner or grab snacks for your adventures out. Barcelona is a unique city, and when you take a family holiday there, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

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