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Berlin - A Top Choice for a European Vacation

European vacations are always a great experience of culture and history. There are historical sites with beautiful architecture to see, exquisite foods to eat that you can’t find anywhere else, and plenty of culture to soak up.

A holiday home in Berlin can offer you this vacation of a lifetime. 

Berlin as the capital of Germany is a buzzing multicultural center of art, history, and architecture. There are plenty of art pieces, historical sites, and buildings of various ages to astound the mind. That's why Berlin is always full of visitors. 

On your visit, you and your family will want to see the enormous Brandenburg Gate. Once an old city gate, it is famous for some major historical events, including Ronald Reagan’s speech with the words, “Mr. Gorbachov, tear down this wall!” It has been reinvented into a symbol of unity and peace for the German people. Its tall columns and many accompanying statues make it a site to behold. 

Nearby, you can visit one of the world’s greatest glass domes in the Reichstag, which is the building for the German government. The view from the top is absolutely incredible. 

Of course, another top-notch attraction for some family fun and education has to be the Berlin Zoo. It is home to the world’s largest variety of species, comprising around 1,400 species of 20,000 animals on a 33-hectare landscape. See elephants, gorillas, and giant pandas too. Also, the Berlin Zoo happens to be very involved in the reintroduction programs for some of the most endangered species of the world. It is a source of education, collaboration, and maintenance of these breeding programs. 

Of course, you’ll also want to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site that is Berlin’s Museum Island. Located on an island in the middle of the River Spree, feast your eyes upon the Atles Museum and the Bode Museum. Then, feast your mouths upon the amazing burger restaurants nearby. 

Then, a good place to teach children and remind ourselves about the mistakes of the past is the Holocaust Memorial. It’s a sobering experience that creates a feeling of confusion and uneasiness that reminds us fight for what’s right. 

On a lighter note, a visit to Charlottenburg Palace may wow you and your family as the largest palace in Berlin. It has baroque and rococo style interior decorating. You can view the Golden Gallery, which is the beautiful rococo ballroom, and the Silver Vault, a dazzling collection of gold, silver, glass, and porcelain tableware.

You can also see concerts from the Berliner Residenz Orchester in the Palace Garden Café located in the Orangery. You may also want to check out the Mausoleum and the spectacular Belvedere Tea House. 

Berlin is overloaded with even more attractions than can be named. There’s Bellevue Palace, Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin TV tower, the French Cathedral, Victory Column, Koncert Haus, Kaiser Whihelm Memorial Church, and even more. A vacation, short or long, to Berlin will have no shortage of attractions to see and foods to eat. 

You can’t go wrong with a vacation in Berlin.

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