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Unwind in Nature in Blekinge

For those who truly want to unwind on their next vacation, Blekinge is an oasis of forests, lakes and stunning nature.

Known by residents as "the garden of Sweden," there is a lot to behold in this traditional province.

With a diverse landscape of coastline, beaches, forests and hiking trails, Blekinge is filled with natural wonder that makes an incredible backdrop for your next vacation. 

The first thing you will notice when you arrive in Blekinge is that there is more nature than people. The second smallest province in Sweden houses around 160,000 residents. One of Blekinge's most notable features is the diversity of its landscape; to the north, rich wood and stone dominate the land, leaving it dry and rugged - the perfect setting for people who enjoy a woodland retreat.

In the middle of the province, you'll find a lush forest teeming with wildlife and hiking opportunities. There are also many lakes, which make a prime spot to rent a holiday home in Blekinge. Lounge under the sun and read a book, go for a swim or simply watch the water shimmer beneath the sunlight as you breathe in the fresh, cleansing air. 

To the south of the region, you will find a white-sand archipelago and miles of coastline. With a visit to Blekinge, it's possible to have a hiking expedition in the morning and be on the beach by the evening. You truly get the best of both worlds. 

For a small adventure, catch a ferry to Hanö, a peninsula that the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom used as a base during its Baltic Sea operations between 1810 to 1812. Now a peaceful and quiet island, you can spend the day collecting pebbles on the beach, climbing small cliffs and touring the small shops and restaurants at your leisure.

With no cars on the island, it's a great place for kids to frolic while parents relax and take in the views. To finish your journey, you can tour an ancient lighthouse! 

There are many hidden gems to uncover while you tour Blekinge, but the most fun is to be had through natural activities. Spend the day on the beach, go for a nature walk, fish in one of the abundant rivers or tour the Eriksberg Wildlife Park and see some of Sweden's native wildlife. 

With your own holiday home rental, you can truly feel at ease during your stay in Blekinge. Bring the whole family along for a chance to get some true R&R in the refreshing, undisturbed wilderness.

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