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Visiting Bulgaria - a Piece of Heaven

Bulgaria is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula in Eastern Europe. Although it is small in territory, the country has various places of interest for its visitors including a seaside by the Black Sea and many mountains - each with their own specific character.

Here are some of the best places and activities that one can do with the whole family in Bulgaria. 

The whole eastern border of the country is taken up by the coastline of the Black Sea. The summer season begins in May and ends in October. The seacoast has a pleasant average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius in the summer. With beautiful beaches and low costs for a holiday home in Bulgaria, it is one of the favorite tourist destinations for northern European countries. 

The territory of Bulgaria is covered by very distinctive mountain regions. They share similar fauna and flora but are very different in the cultures of the locals. Many of the main mountain massifs have ski resorts in which you can enjoy a ski weekend. In the Rila mountain, there are also numerous monasteries to be visited - one of which is the UNESCO World Heritage List Rila Monastery. 

Bulgaria has a long history and architectural remains from the time of the Roman Empire. Ruins of the old Roman cities can be seen in Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, and many other large cities of the country. Some towns like Elena, Zlatograd, Zheravna, and Koprivshtitsa still retain the architecture that was typical in the 19th century making the towns themselves a whole historic complex. 

Bulgaria is one of the countries with the most thermal mineral springs on its territory. There are whole towns that were built around these natural water sources. Whichever end of the country you visit, there are bound to be some sort of hot mineral springs at a nearby town. Some of the more prominent places to visit are Velingrad, Banya (which literally means 'bath'), Kostenec, Bankya, and Hisarya.

The natural mineral water in the pools is good for both children and adults and can be visited at all times during the year. The heat of the water makes the visits possible even during winter time. 

Bulgaria is small in the territory but has numerous natural phenomena. Anything from beautiful caves, waterfalls, mountain lakes, and eery stone formations will show you the wild and primal side of the country's beauty.

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